November 2015 – How to Protect Your Quarterback

The Alouettes were tied with Calgary in 2015 for LEAST quarterback sacks allowed (33 Sacks or 1.8 S/G). IN THE SAME SEASON they had the CFL’s leading rusher in Tyrell Sutton. When our DOMINANT offensive line teams up with Rakeem Cato…a truly GIFTED and ELUSIVE runner…the outcome should be GOLDEN. Still…the Edmonton game (Week 8)… Continue reading November 2015 – How to Protect Your Quarterback

November 2015 – The Right Plan…The Wrong Popp-le

The list of COMPLETE two-way quarterbacks in this league reads like a CFL PANTHEON. Who can say if Cato OR Bridge will one day be mentioned in the same breath as Moon, Garcia, Flutie, Dunigan or Allen? I only know they’ll never get there unless WE try.

Rakeem Cato Videos

Rakeem Cato Clip 1 Rakeem Cato Clip 2 Rakeem Cato Clip 3 Rakeem Cato Clip 4 Rakeem Cato Clip 5 Rakeem Cato Freshman Highlights Rakeem Cato Junior Highlights Rakeem Cato Sophomore Highlights Rakeem Cato Senior Highlights Tommy Shuler Senior Highlights Week 2 – Calgary Stampeders @ Montreal Alouettes Week 2 – PostGame Week 3 –… Continue reading Rakeem Cato Videos

October 2015 – Receivers OR Deceivers – Getting the Targets Off Our Backs

Alouettes Jim Popp never replaced Brandon London and Cody Hoffman at the start of the 2015 season. As a consequence, Lewis Stamps and Giguere graduated from projected supporting roles to leading ones…out of neglect. If players are expected to do MORE than is reasonable, or are NOT surrounded by the talent the team needs to succeed, IT’S HARDLY THEIR FAULT.