December 2016 – Nik Lewis – Waggle End

The ENTIRE point of the tight-end position is to add BIG bodies to the offensive-line and protection of your quarterback, while sacrificing NOTHING in the way of targets for your quarterback to throw to. As the CFL struggles with a veritable PLAGUE of injuries to the MOST important star of EVERY team, might it NOT… Continue reading December 2016 – Nik Lewis – Waggle End

October 2015 – Receivers OR Deceivers – Getting the Targets Off Our Backs

Alouettes Jim Popp never replaced Brandon London and Cody Hoffman at the start of the 2015 season. As a consequence, Lewis Stamps and Giguere graduated from projected supporting roles to leading ones…out of neglect. If players are expected to do MORE than is reasonable, or are NOT surrounded by the talent the team needs to succeed, IT’S HARDLY THEIR FAULT.