November 2015 – Marching Morons

Two Montreal CFL franchises have ALREADY gone under. Unless we planned for the future by developing quarterbacks and giving them playing time…we were setting the groundwork for a third and perhaps FINAL fail.


November 2015 – MORE Than Black and White

Brandon Bridge started the last game of the Alouettes 2015 season…against Saskatchewan. It marked the first start by an African-Canadian quarterback in the CFL’s long and storied history. All without the slightest mention. Maybe it’s Canada. Here we don’t see colour, we see PEOPLE. MAYBE we’re so happy to see a Canadian quarterback of ANY… Continue reading November 2015 – MORE Than Black and White

November 2015 – Popp Goes The Weasel?

When Jim Popp took over Head Coaching duties from Tom Higgins, it was with the understanding that IF the Alouettes missed the post-season Popp would have some “splaining to do”. Last week, just prior to the Alouettes’ “season-obliterating” loss to the Eskimos, owner Bob Wetenhall surprisingly supported Jim Popp in the press. It’s been suggested… Continue reading November 2015 – Popp Goes The Weasel?

November 2015 – Brandon Bridge is Falling Down (the Depth Chart)?

So this is the rumour, second hand from someone who heard it on TSN690. Sketchy as shit but there you go: Apparently…the Alouettes have sequestered Bridge in some practice facility, with the intention of “teaching him up”. Bridge will apparently be given every chance to be the Alouettes quarterback of the future. The “fit” is… Continue reading November 2015 – Brandon Bridge is Falling Down (the Depth Chart)?

November 2015 – Where’s Cato?

“What’s the deal at quarterback going into next season? Did rookie Rakeem Cato, who started the most games, lose his job by getting concussed?” – Herb Zurkowski Nov 6th 2015 Is he injured? Is he gone? Did yelling at Calvillo on the sidelines seal his fate? DOES ANYBODY KNOW FOR SURE? When Zack Collaros, Hamiton’s… Continue reading November 2015 – Where’s Cato?

October 2015 – Receivers OR Deceivers – Getting the Targets Off Our Backs

Alouettes Jim Popp never replaced Brandon London and Cody Hoffman at the start of the 2015 season. As a consequence, Lewis Stamps and Giguere graduated from projected supporting roles to leading ones…out of neglect. If players are expected to do MORE than is reasonable, or are NOT surrounded by the talent the team needs to succeed, IT’S HARDLY THEIR FAULT.