July 2016 – Another 3DownNation Post (maybe)

You know. After watching George Carlin PROUDLY delare he was kicked out of 3 schools “by mutual consent”, WHY should I be so vexed when I go from posting “freely” on some site, to ending up invariably seeing “comment awaiting moderation” to the eventual banning, and virtual tarring and feathering. It should be a badge… Continue reading July 2016 – Another 3DownNation Post (maybe)

July 2016 – Cato’d in the 4th

Week 4, and Alouettes fans could be forgiven for thinking their team is cursed. After all, in one fell swoop the team has lost 2 starting receivers, a running back and NOW Kevin Glenn is out with an eye infection…apparently. Considering the HUGE percentage of “dump Glenn for Cato” posts I’ve read over the last… Continue reading July 2016 – Cato’d in the 4th

July 2016 – NO challenge At All

When the CFL decided to increase the number of “challenges” made available to Head Coaches,  I bit my lip and did the only thing I could do: live with an intolerable situation…a human tradition. I spent a large part of last year trying to explain WHY I insisted that the new powers NOT be referred… Continue reading July 2016 – NO challenge At All

July 2016 – Cato’s Interruptus

LOST in the midst of all the craziness and the loss to Ottawa, was the fact that in the first quarter, Rakeem Cato ACTUALLY got a few downs in. Kevin Glenn had retired to the dressing room…apparently with some injury. And while Cato’s game stats read only 2/2 for 19yds, 9 yards rushing, his brief presence… Continue reading July 2016 – Cato’s Interruptus