July 2018 – Unsettling Manziel Rumours from RDS

Here’s my translation of Didier Ormejuste, explaining the rumours he’s heard about Manziel partying, and what he thinks of Reed’s actions in general:

“Well listen: there were 4 people, OK? Not one. Not two. Not three. There were four who told me that Johnny Manziel, during the past few weeks in Hamilton, was partying and arriving late for meetings. To me, if he’s “whooping it up” or partying, as they say, as long as it doesn’t impact his performance on the field, he can do whatever he wants in his free time, OK? On the other hand, IF he misses meetings because of this…if, because of it he’s not performing on the field…we’re going to find ourselves in the same situation as when he was with the Cleveland Browns. He was partying instead of studying the Browns’ playbook. He got to games and he didn’t know the playbook, when he’s the one calling the plays in the huddle with his teammates. So, listen, that’s what people have told me. Four people told me about this…I hope it was a lack of concentration, because he was a backup behind Jerehiah Masoli, so maybe he was…he wasn’t playing and so…he didn’t maintain his concentration. But the Alouettes have put all their eggs in the Manziel basket. So he can’t be distracted by nocturnal activities available to him in Montreal, whether it’s St. Catherine’s Street, Crescent Street, or whatever. I’ve stopped going to bars for a while now. I don’t really know where the best bars are. But he can’t let himself be distracted by this. He has to do everything he can to be the best football player possible. And he has to hope they’ll do everything they can to surround him with talent. But that’s not going to happen this year. And the Alouettes don’t have a lot of “capital” to do so. We traded away two of our best players. WE traded 2 first round draft picks. So how are we going to construct a team around Johny Manziel?. On top of which we’re not exactly adept at finding good players. Good American talent…we’re not capable of finding these players…

…you’re meant to construct your team via the draft. Not to construct your team through signing free agents. It’s now two off seasons for the Alouettes that Kavis Reed is VERY active in the free agent market. But not only that. Two players that he brought to town, well Chris Williams was acquired through trade, we sent Gabriel Knapton to BC, but Jamal Westerman was acquired through free agency and now he finds himself in Hamilton. To me, all this gives me the impression that it’s simple; Kavis Reed didn’t do his homework during the offseason. His FIRST mandate should have been to find a talented quarterback and to bring him into the fold. All he did was to sign Josh Freeman. And that was a complete waste of time for the Alouettes. So, he didn’t do his homework and now he’s trying to make up for lost time. He didn’t improve the O’line (during the off season). He let Jovan Olefoye go before the beginning of training camp. And during the supplemental draft he selects Tyler Johnstone. Now we bring in Tony Washington in the Manziel deal. All of these things should have been addressed in the off season. So, this is like a student who doesn’t do his homework, then tries to cram everything at the last minute. This is what Kavis Reed is doing right now. And this will put the Alouettes in a hole for seasons to come. IF Johnny Manziel doesn’t become a very good player and we’re not able to surround him adequately with talent.”


Question: Why does anyone BLOG

Answer: To “bitch” about things

Normally, this BLOG has been to allow me to bitch about the Alouettes. Although I do actually prefer to have something positive to write about. The Alouettes simply haven’t given me much opportunity to do so. So mostly I end up bitching about Les Oiseaux.

This time, only peripherally.

Each week I refer to my Google Calendar to find out who’s playing whom and at what time. Lately, a pop up window comes up, making a pleasant little noise, So I open the message and this is what I read:

This is how you will be notified.

Ok. Let’s think about this for a second. Assuming I’m not clever enough…that I actually do need to learn how they are going to notify me, notifying me in that exact same way isn’t going to help the situation, now is it?

“There’s that noise again. I wonder what it is?”

And on the off chance that I have the smarts to figure out their method of notification (a long shot, I grant you), I hardly need any instructions on how that notification is going to happen, now do I?

You gotta laugh.


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