February 2018 – Rakeem Cato Signed By Roughriders

What is it about those Roughriders? First they pilfer Brandon Bridge. Then they manage to sign Vernon Adams Junior (who’s since joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats). And now Rakeem Cato has signed with the Roughriders. The Richmond Roughriders, that is, of the Arena League.

Here’s the Roughriders’ schedule this year.

There you go, folks. While the Alouettes try to pull off the first CFL season in history without a quarterback, a con job by any measure, Rakeem Cato, arguably the best pivot to play in this city since Adrian McPherson, is going to start his Arena Ball career, in a little over a month (March 17th vs the High Country Grizzlies).

Best of luck Rakeem, and my apologies for the rabid way in which you were treated. You really didn’t deserve it. If it’s any consolation, the day you yelled at Anthony (Zombie) Calvillo on the sidelines, for his incompetence as an offensive coordinator, and the day you called out Duron Carter for the fucking asshole he was, is and always will be, were two of my favourite Alouettes’ experiences of the past two decades.

At the very least, it goes to show the level of bullshit on this team, when telling the truth and being fucking right will land you a one way ticket out of town. It was always your amazing talent that kept you from being turfed out of this place in the 1st place, and for so damned long.

If you do well in Arena Ball, you might want to send Jacob Ruby, perhaps the worst left guard in CFL history, a nice thank you note. If not for him, you’d probably still  be in this shit show. And to think: all Chapdelaine had to do was insist you were his quarterback, publicly if need be, and bolster the offensive line, and with that defence intact we’d be on our way to a Cup, if we hadn’t won one already. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. I know.

Still, it stings when all the best things in your world are fucked up by idiots. It really does. I wish I could say I miss you and wish you’d come back, but I pulled that dick move with McPherson, and look how that turned out for the guy. Sorry Adrian. I should have kept my damned trap shut. Assuming my entreaties not to leave had any effect at all.

Besides Rakeem, as much as I’d love it, I doubt you’d ever consider coming back to this dysfunctional team, as long a Kavis Reed is doing the bidding of ownership that has given this city little more than rampant nepotism, since well before Calvillo faked his concussion and left the team in the lurch, much as I predicted he’d do. Wow, long sentence with so much pain.

The man was single-handedly responsible for our not playing any other quarterback, whether we were up by 50 or down by 50 points, for most of his career, especially his declining years. And that selfishness has led to a downward spiral, again as I predicted, that has this franchise teetering on the edge of dissolution.

Wow, I almost forgot AC screwed us at both ends: his insecurity and selfishness made it impossible to develop his successor, and his incredible uselessness as offensive coordinator meant that whatever quarterback we’ve had since was doomed to fail. Thanks AC, you brought CFL football back to this city, and you basically made sure it ended with you.

So here we sit:

Any team lives or dies on what their quarterback does. This is the CFL. You can’t run the ball 5 out of 6 plays and expect to have success. This is not the NFL. So goes your QB , so goes your team.

Is it possible that a quarterback who hasn’t played for 5 years and has zero CFL experience might lead this team to a winning record, or even a Grey Cup? Yes it’s possible. This is the CFL. Anything’s possible. Is it likely? No. It’s not very likely. It’s really not fucking likely. At all. What kind of GM builds a team around “not fucking likely”? 

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you Kavis Reed. The not fucking likely GM.


5 thoughts on “February 2018 – Rakeem Cato Signed By Roughriders

  1. Interesting, I looked up his new team – to clarify, the Roughriders are in the “American Arena League”, which is distinct from the much better-known “Arena Football League”. And unfortunately, that league looks to be in a state of organisational disarray based on the number of teams added and folded in the leadup to the inaugural 2018 season.

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    1. I see. Not really surprising, considering the state of their official web site. Thanks for the update. I hadn’t really looked into it much, other than to be pleased Cato had landed somewhere in the football Universe. Oh well. It’s a new league so maybe they’ll get things together. Naturally I wish Cato all the best. I’m going to try to catch as many games as I can. Assuming that’s at all possible.


    2. Seems Cato found his issues continued to plague him in Richmond and was cut on the 27th:

      “Rakeem Cato, the highly regarded QB from Marshall University and the CFL Montreal Alouettes, has been released by the Roughriders. Despite putting up solid numbers opening weekend on the road against the High Country Grizzlies his locker room presence had proven to be too disruptive for the team. Owner Gregg Fornario said, ‘Cato is a terrific QB and a great competitor, but he wasn’t seeing eye to eye with the coaching staff, so we felt it was best for the team if we went in a different direction.'”
      – Arena Football Insider

      During his only game (34-19 victory over the High Country Grizzlies) he had mixed stats, with a poor completion rate but a 4:0 touchdown-to-interception ratio:

      11 completions
      23 attempts
      170 yards
      4 TD
      0 INT
      – Watauga Democrat


  2. Ya Chief, I’m bummed for Cato. He was da man! Arena league? oof.
    But on a happier note, CALVILLO IS GONE GONE GONE!!! Time for the Tressman, Popp and Calvillo to destroy the Arblows!
    Meanwhile, I have doubts that the Als will do anything this year. Or for quite a while, if they continue as they have…
    On the the other side of the border, couldn’t have been happier to see the Cheatriots get blown out of the stuperbowl, althought I know you are continuing your high-minded and justifyable boycott. Power to you!
    Maybe cross swords this season. Nothing but freaking hockey on now. bleeacchh.


    1. There are times I feel like a traitor. After all, there’s a chance that Josh Freeman could be the starting quarterback the Alouettes need to pull themselves out of this death spiral they’ve been in. Isn’t there? To whom, and to what am I meant to be loyal? To the players, certainly. But then, players come and go, and the team remains. Certainly not to the coaches, or to ownership. Maybe I’m loyal to the idea of creating a winning team. To building towards, and winning a Championship. That’s what it’s always been about.

      That’s why I was on Calvillo’s back so much: his unacceptable 3/8 Grey Cup record. His much worse record as OC. I doubt he can do much damage coaching Ricky Ray. Still, hopefully he can work his “magic” to screw the Arblows quarterback succession as thoroughly as he destroyed the Alouettes’. He’ll have to put in some overtime to get that accomplished.

      I know you hate hockey. Still…I should point out that the last time the Alouettes won the Cup, so did my Boston Bruins. One GM and seven years later, the Bruins are back, contending for a Stanley Cup yet again. How did Bob Sweeney do it? Not by signing every other team’s fading stars, that’s for sure. He did it by having an eye for talent, signing and developing young players like Charlie McAvoy, David Pastrnak and Ryan Donato.

      If we agree that the ONLY reason the Alouettes had Jim Popp as HC two seasons ago was because no legitimate HC candidate would work with AC as OC. And by the same token, the ONLY reason they couldn’t hire a decent GM and had to settle for Kavis Reed last year, was because no legitimate GM candidate would accept ownership plans to make Calvillo their one and only plan for the future (and lo and behold, Chapdelaine was canned and Calvillo took over once again), then one HAS TO wonder how is it, now that Calvillo is gone, Kavis Reed is still in his position as GM? In his position despite his incompetence in trashing the team to sign Darian Durant. Despite his inability to find ANY talent, quarterback or otherwise since, that ISN’T downward trending “golden oldies” from other teams?

      Reed has to go. And, considering the disastrous decisions of the past few seasons, so do the Wettenhalls. In pro sports, “owners” are no more than wealthy “renters”. The franchise belongs to the city, and to its people. And when ownership does NOT operate in good faith, and in consideration of the desires, needs and wants of those people (fucking CHAMPIONSHIP), and instead oversees years of rampant nepotism, incompetence and lies, it is time to find someone else to rent the franchise.

      The Alouettes are clearly going NOWHERE until that happens.


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