February 2018 – No Quarterback, No Blog

If you scroll back a couple seasons, you’ll notice that the second Reed was announced as GM (or at least since the first rumours of such were spreading) I was sure Reed would cut Cato, sign Durant at a massive salary, cut every decent player we had to accommodate Durant, and the season would be a spectacular shitshow.

The advantage of making such a prediction is clear: I didn’t have to write another word all season. Things unfolded exactly as I predicted. Although I may have outdone myself with a 3-15 season.

Now, as Kavis Reed continues his youth movement by signing every other teams’ 30+ year old, downward trending ex-stars, including Josh Freeman, a 30 year old never was, it looks like I may be there yet again.

So here’s my prediction. May I be (for once) talking through my ass and completely wrong about this:

If the Alouettes don’t secure a “youngish” quarterback they can develop, someone with CFL experience, they essentially are going into the 2018 season without anything approaching a legitimate starting quarterback. As a consequence, I may well have another season “off” so I can grow vegetables and bike etc, unimpeded by the catastrophe that is the Montreal Alouettes.

I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that. But after 50+ years as an Alouettes fan (not counting the years the Alouettes and Concordes CFL franchises were in limbo) I am certain this too shall pass, one way or another.


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