February 2018 – Free Urgency

Everybody else looks at the log-jam of free-agents and bla-bla-bla’s about who they should get, and who to get rid of. Let’s do things right: we’ll wait until the Alouettes sign players, then appraise what they’ll bring to the team.

Of course, until we sign an actual starting quarterback the entire process, the entire season, the purpose this entire blog, is moot. I get that.

So, assuming Reed takes steps to address this team’s major concerns, I’ll make an effort to write about it. If he doesn’t, this thing, this blog and whatnot will shut down, just like it did last year.

If the Alouettes can’t be bothered to make an effort to build a winning team, it makes no sense for me to bother caring, or writing about them. It would be Fake News, about a Fake Team, and I’ve had about as much of both as I can stomach.


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