February 2018 – Hello?

This is always fun. Go to CFL.ca. Do a search for the word: Alouettes. Nada. BTW. The Arblows Re-signed SJ Green. Woot.

Now go to TSN to check out some CFL news. Search for the word Alouettes again: zilch. Nada. Zip.

Try the same with 3DumbNation. So glad to see Vernon Adams is settling in with the Ticats. As the Manziel “signing dealine” (end of January) has come and gone, no mention of the Alouettes on their entire front page. No quarterbacks. No moves. Ziiiiiip.

Moves are being made all around the league. Adarius Bowman was cut by Edmonton. Are the Alouettes in the mix to sign him? Not a mention of the Alouettes, anywhere.

Hello? Are Kavis Reed and the Alouettes even out there? Like this franchise, this blog is teetering on the edge of oblivion yet again. It may have been premature to resurrect it.

Something zombie this way cometh. Remember. Always aim for the head.


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