January 2018 – Oh BTW – We Released Giguere

Apparently the Alouettes released Canadian born receiver Samuel Giguere. Two weeks ago. According the Pierre Vercheval of RDS, the Alouettes tried to pull the same “contract rescheduling” they’ve pulled with so many other players, last few years. From what I’m hearing, the Als may have some serious problems with the Canadian/American player ratio this season. Something to keep an eye on.

The Alouettes signed quarterbacks Garrett Fugate and Nick Shafnisky, as well as defensive lineman Ventral McMillan, receiver Lonnie Outlaw and linebacker Jordan Harris. As we sit waiting for the end of January, hence the deadline for the Ticats to sign Johnny Football, or leave him to the Alouettes, any QB movement right now may or may not be significant down the road.

Lonnie Outlaw. Yet another great CFL name. Hope he makes it…just for the name.

What is significant, however, is word I’m hearing about the Alouettes scouting staff and GM not attending the East West Shriner’s Bowl, “and other scouting opportunities.” RDS is calling the Alouettes absence “bizarre”. It’s troubling, to be sure. According to Carabins receiver/prospect Regis Cibasu, the Alouettes, to this point, have not even reached out for talks on a possible signing.

“Can you please explain to me why the Alouettes aren’t there (East West Shriner’s Bowl)? At least to evaluate the guy from the University of Montreal? But beyond evaluating players,  and saying, “we’ll put this guy on our neg list”, the entire football world is there. So it’s time to create a network. To create some contacts for the team. You see the agents. You meet GM’s and assistant GM’s. The entire football planet is gathered there.  Why would you not want to go there, spend the week and create your network? That’s what I have a difficult time explaining. It’s bizarre.” -Pierre Vercheval RDS

So…releasing a Canadian receiver, without informing anyone for 2 weeks…lack of presence at events where Canadian talent and possible signings draw every other CFL team. Kavis Reed, as he proclaimed he would do in Edmonton, is certainly upholding traditions that have made the Alouettes the laughing stock of this league for decades.

One of the RDS commentators nailed it when he said, “you can have the best coach in the world, but if you don’t have any players…”

I’m not sure how much of this crap I’m going to be able to take before I know yet another Alouettes season  has fallen into an abyss, and I decide to sit it all out…again.

Kavis Reed is definitely the problem right now. He is not a CFL General Manager, by any stretch of the imagination. However, as this continued pattern of abusive behaviour, of disrespect for the fans, of cutting a favoured local player without informing anyone for weeks, points to ownership that remains disconnected from, and disrespectful towards, the very population from whom they “lease” this franchise.

It would appear the terms of that lease bear some looking into. 


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