January 2018 – Alouettes Sign Josh Freeman

I’m already getting tired of this. Here’s a transcript of part of the interview with Als GM Kavis Reed. You can hear it on my previous post:

“Since Anthony Calvillo has retired, we’ve been searching for that next franchise quarterback. I’m a firm believer, from a football perspective, that at some particular point you’re going to have to put your stake in the ground and say, “We’re developing a younger guy to be our guy long-term.” Often times, when you look for the quick fix, and don’t have a plan, a “secession” (succession) plan, you delay that process. You’re continually putting the franchise in a difficult situation. Every quarterback that has a marquee value today in the CFL started as a young guy and had to go through the process of being a backup, apprenticing, going through the growing pains their first year…their first couple years and then asserting themselves as a distinct quarterback…
…and we have to educate our fans and all our stakeholders as to what our strategy is in terms of developing that next quarterback.”  

So let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The fans are a collection of hapless rubes you need to educate about your plans to develop a franchise quarterback. And those plans, as you’ve detailed, are to develop a young quarterback talent, over several seasons, in order for them to evolve into that marquee franchise quarterback?

And you’ve executed this plan, over the past couple of seasons, by getting rid of all our talented, gifted young quarterbacks to make room for an older, spent and useless version, in Darian Durant, putting the franchise in a difficult position. Not sure doing it again with Josh Freeman qualifies as “continually”, but I’ll defer to you on that call.

So now you’ve signed a 30 year old QB who hasn’t played one second of CFL ball.  Who hasn’t made 1,000 pass attempts in one season since 2012. And who, by everything we know about quarterbacks in the CFL. will probably require two or more seasons to get “up to speed” with the CFL game, assuming he’s actually one of the rare NFL fish that manages to swim in the frenetic waters of the CFL ?

Here are Freeman’s career NFL stats:



As a 50+ year Alouettes fan…may I say:

Fuck you very much, you arrogant dickhead, for educating us about your clearly cockeyed strategies in acquiring and developing a franchise quarterback for our team. If you had any integrity, and didn’t bullshit every breath you took, the Alouettes  might move forward, a step or two.

Now I know this is negative. Most of this blog has been negative. I’ve been waiting patiently for the right people to make the right moves to make this team right. Waiting patiently for moves I can praise, and a team about which I can again feel some hope. And who knows, right? Ricky Ray came to the CFL and dominated, right out of the gate. If one quarterback can do it, why can’t another?

What this team needs is rational decisions, arrived at with integrity and wisdom, and not a series of Hail Mary’s resulting in incremental decline and ending with the eventual demise of this franchise. Kavis Reed is decidedly, from his 1+ seasons as GM, not the man for the job of righting this ship.

And while I wish Freeman the best. And hope he miraculously shakes off years of rust from his 30 year old body, and even more miraculously adapts to the CFL game in a few weeks…I wouldn’t bet on it. And I wouldn’t bet on anything Kavis Reed decides to do, from this moment forward.

And heck. Adrian McPherson is only 34 years old, a free agent, and knows more about playing CFL football than Freeman ever will. Sign him. Get Cato back. I guarantee the Alouettes, given a decent defense and some good receivers, would make the playoffs this season.

Come to that, just make me GM and I guarantee a Grey Cup in two years. I’ve called every major fuckup on this team for the last decade. OK…I have zero qualifications or contacts for the job. So…only slightly less qualified, but infinitely more capable than the likes of Kavis (Too Many Men) Reed.


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