January 2018 – What Is Wrong With Kavis Reed?

In the past I’ve made the semi-sarcastic comment that Kavis Reed came to Montreal to dismantle the team that caused his most embarrassing CFL moment. If I ever saw Reed, my first reaction would be to yell, “Too many men Saskatchewan, mothafocka!!!” Not very mature, I’ll admit.

Still, one has to question some of the decisions Reed has made since becoming GM. Everyone with even one racist bone in their body agrees that Cato had to be drummed out of the league. OR did he? I’ve already covered that ad nausium.

Hollowing out what was arguably the best CFL defence in 2016, just to provide the cap space to sign Durant has to rank as one of the most idiotic moves in CFL history. Then, for dessert, Reed gets rid of Vernon Adams Jr., our last great hope at developing a long-term starter for this team.

All of which is bad enough. But quarterbacks have been bouncing around like pingpong balls this off-season. And Reed is standing pat? What The Total Fuck!?!

You’d have thought Reed might make an offer for James Franklin, or Zack Collaros. I used to describe Collaros as a linebacker in quarterback’s clothing: meaning that Collaros didn’t have the skills or the body type to make it as a QB in this league. Well, old Zack proved me wrong, at first. Then he’s spent the last 2 seasons proving me right. Nice of him, really. So I’m not sure I would have welcomed a Collaros signing any more than I did the merest suggestion Durant might join the team. But Franklin…well if history is any judge, the Alouettes would’ve just let Franklin go for peanuts before the season was out.

And then there’s Johnny Football. Sherman coached Manziel at Texas A&M. Plus, I heard today that The Alouettes have been granted permission to speak to Manziel:

As a redshirt freshman, Manziel threw for 3,706 yards and 26 touchdowns while rushing for 1,410 yards and 21 touchdowns in the SEC on the way to winning the Heisman Trophy in 2012. He followed that up with better passing numbers n 2013.

“You could see something special watching his high school tapes. People questioned whether he was tall enough, but he played so big,” Sherman said.

Oh, the Alouettes have had their fair share of NFL rejects…stars in their own minds. Who knows if Manziel will be yet another big name washout OR if he’ll carve a out an impressive CFL career under his old college coach? But he is a quarterback. And this team desperately needs a quarterback.

I’d even welcome Colin Kaepernick to Montreal. Oh it’s historical enough. The CFL has long had its own version of the Underground Railroad, with black quarterbacks seeking employment in Canada when they were blacklisted in the States. Not to mention the Montreal Royals helping break the colour barrier with Jackie Robinson. Rife with history.

OK…Kaep may be a stretch. But it illustrates a point. This team is in desperate need of a talented starting quarterback, and so far: nada.

So I ask again: What is wrong with Kavis Reed? 



With Trump’s Miniontourage blitzing the media and straining the very fabric of reality, it behoves everyone to start fact-checking anyone who might reasonably be suspected of doing the same thing. After listening to this interview with Kavis Reed, I call bullshit. 15 yards for bullshit, and an ejection to boot! 

It’s starting to look like one of the prerequisites for being an Alouettes GM is being a lying sack of shit. Have a listen and I’ll explain what I mean:


When you cut through the leftover Trestman bullshit about “process” and whatnot, several things become clear:

  1. Pairing Sherman with qualified CFL coaches is a no-brainer. Hopefully they’re the right CFL coaches. That remains to be seen.
  2. Darian Durant was not the cause of all the Alouettes problems last season. He was however the cause of our pathetic output at the quarterbacking position. Durant has been a mediocre QB talent his entire career. Kavis either knows this and is lying, or he’s an idiot who couldn’t judge a pie-eating contest, let alone QB talent. Your pick.
  3. This bullshit about developing talented quarterbacks to be the franchise QB of the future flies in the face of everything he’s done as GM.
  4. Start with the idiotic decision to let Brandon Bridge go to Saskatchewan. Then he releases Rakeem Cato, arguably the best opportunity since Calvillo’s retirement to develop a franchise quarterback. He then trashes the best defence in the CFL  to acquire an old and fragile QB well past his sell-by date. And then, to top things off, he moves Vernon Adams Jr., also to Saskatchewan.

Regular readers of this blog know that I have an idea or two for why the Alouettes gave away 2 of our three potential franchise QB’s to the Green Riders. And last season, the team must have arrived at an understanding; that if AC was ever to be a successful OC, he needed a QB with a similar skillset to his own, as a player. I’m still waiting for an explanation for why the Alouettes acquired quarterbacks with the diametric opposite skills to AC’s own…when why they got rid of them is so fucking clear.

I suppose this about face-plant of Calvillo’s coaching career, as new as it is, may well explain this new/old direction for the Alouettes – find young QB talent and develop it. Just don’t expect Kavis Reed or any Alouette to admit the TRUTH: they totally obliterated 3+ seasons by counting on Calvillo’s evolution as a coach. Now we’re starting over, at square one.

Blathering about the need to develop young, talented, franchise quarterbacks, less than a season after he released or traded two such potential marquee players, and when a season before he was probably involved in the decision to get rid of Bridge, Saskatchewan’s newest “franchise QB of the future”, and then insisting he needs to educate the fans about this process, earns Reed this blog’s Dickhead of the Year Award. On January 11th, yet.

That’s some accomplishment.


2 thoughts on “January 2018 – What Is Wrong With Kavis Reed?

  1. Happy News Years. Hmm what’s wrong w/ Kavis Reed? Inertia with 2 scoops of entropy. Mr. (there will be consequences) Reed got chased out of the EE org. w/a 4-14 record. Oh, yea, having Eric Tillman as the GM then didn’t help him. As for Johnny Football, eff him and the horse he rode in on. Cheers Cflfan


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