January 2018 – Als Re-Sign Tyrell Sutton

With so much passing in the CFL’s 3-down game,  running backs rarely get the appreciation, or the touches they deserve. That’s why it was especially gratifying when Tyrell Sutton was voted The Toughest Player to Bring Down in 2017 by his fellow players:

Who is the toughest to bring down?

Not only does the rest of the CFL think Tyrell Sutton is among the game’s toughest players overall, but he’s the very toughest to bring down. The Als’ back received 57 votes, beating out Stamps counterpart Jerome Messam for the award (39). -TSN

As far as I’m concerned, Sutton is the best back the Alouettes have had since Avon Cobourne went to Hamilton. Whitaker had great speed, was very elusive, had better than average hands and could protect his quarterback.  What Whitaker didn’t have was the ability to go get those 1-2 yards on 2nd or 3rd down. Ever. In all the years Whitaker was with the club, I counted hundreds of drives that were shut down because Whitaker was stymied, short to medium yardage.

know we’re well past the era when a team ran a halfback and a fullback, and Steve Ferrughelli smashed his way through the line for that crucial first down. But running one back no matter how talented, responsible or elusive , who can’t get you those crucial 1-3 yards when needed, is next to suicidal in this league.


Suffice it to say, I’m glad Sutton is on our side again this season. And that our defence won’t ever be 2nd and short, trying to stop him with the game on the line.


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