December 2016 – Kavis Reed to be Named Als New GM

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Everyone remembers Kavis Reed: the ST coordinator many blame for the “too many men” penalty that COST Saskatchewan and HANDED Montreal AND quarterback Anthony Calvillo, the 2009 Grey Cup. NOW Reed is being given the opportunity to destroy the fortunes of yet another CFL franchise. Maybe this time it’ll stick…

Up to this point, Calvillo’s coaching career hasn’t REALLY gone as planned. He was promoted from receiver’s coach to quarterback’s coach to offensive coordinator in the span of two weeks at the beginning of his coaching career. Then he was officially handed the keys to this offence this season, only to see it careen WILDLY, smashing into every stop sign, speed bump and blow EVERY red light in it’s path.

Under AC as OC, the Alouttes managed a TRULY anemic record. In the YEAR between Calvillo’s promotion to OC on September 5th 2015, to his “demotion” and Chapelaine’s replacement of AC calling the plays on the sidelines on September 19th 2016, the Alouettes record was an APPALLING 5-15. For the mathmatically challenged among us, that’s a .250 batting average. Or a 75% LOSING PERCENTAGE.

And NO, it wasn’t the rest of the team. NOT the players. NOT the defence or special teams. IT WAS THE OFFENCE that has been ENTIRELY to blame for the Als troubles between the white lines. An offence conceived by, and called by, one Anthony Calvillo.

One might imagine a certain reluctance on the part of ownership to re-visit the AC as OC experiment. The hiring of Kavis Reed as GM seems to fly straight in the face of that most reasonable assumption: Calvillo is here to stay. Calvillo is the future…whether it makes any sense or not. Whether it means a COMPETENT GM candidate will EVER lead this team…or NOT.

So who “wins” with this decision? NOT the fans, who want NOTHING more than a talented GM with contacts on BOTH sides of the bolder, ESSENTIAL in building us a WINNER. Reed himself must be worried. If he flames out and PROVES what everyone in the game assumes: that Kavis Reed is simply NOT GM material…well…it could be Edmonton OR Saskatchewan all over again: ra ra ra!

Certainly NOT the players heading into contract negotiations. The list of Alouettes potentially heading into free agency is LONG. And, lacking a GM who can seamlessly replace the “old and infirm” with young, dynamic talent…well all players LOSE…even those who WOULD potentially be signed by this team, in some parallel Universe where decisions ACTUALLY make sense…and we ACTUALLY have a competent GM.

I’m sure Chapdelaine is concerned. What HC/OC wouldn’t be? Without a fresh infusion of talent this team, this offence can do little else but FLOUNDER and die a slow motion death…with a whimper. Forget the BANG. And the buck stopped elsewhere….AGES ago.

So WHO all does that leave? Ownership seems inclined to make it’s decisions unilaterally, regardless of their perceived “questionableness”. But ultimately, ownership is answerable to the public…UNLESS they plan to populate the stands ENTIRELY with their own clones. AND the public is yet again EXCLUDED from the process entirely, in a Colbert-ian continuance of the “untruthiness” that has marked this team’s dealings for ALL TOO LONG.

NO. The SINGLE human being who benefits from today’s decision to promote Kavis Reed to GM is Anthony Calvillo. As the Chapdelaine iteration of this club INEVITABLY falters under the weight of this folly, YET ANOTHER mid-term coaching abortion will undoubtedly be at hand.

AND…in the absence of ANY legitimate replacement…as Thorpe de-camps at the EARLIEST possible opportunity…AC will once again grace us with his masterful game of checkers. AND with a dwindling pool of talent, and a next-to-rudderless offence, WHAT OTHER FATE AWAITS US ALL BUT ┬áTHE COMPLETE FAILURE, AND EVENTUAL, INEVITABLE DISSOLUTION OF THIS FRANCHISE?

Like an alcoholic who has lost EVERYTHING while desperately searching for meaning at the bottom of a bottle, The Wetenhalls and this organization in general deserve only SCORN….for the pain they’ve inflicted on the people around them…and for never heeding the dire but well-intentioned warnings of those who actually care.

They’ve done it to THEMSELVES!!! Quite probably for the LAST time.


3 thoughts on “December 2016 – Kavis Reed to be Named Als New GM

  1. Egad Chief. Durant??!!!
    Another old man, instead of doing what we should be doing with our 2 star quarterbacks – using our picks to build an O-line, and building an offense around their mobility.
    What a disappointment.
    Tough to still be an Als fan.


  2. The Earth and our Solar System takes a path much like a sine wave in it’s trajectory through this galaxy. When we are at or near the galactic axis, much of the radiation, from the trillions of suns, nebulae etc that concentrate around the giant black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, is blocked by everything in between. But as we rise above the “buffering”, above all the “flack” that serves to protect us, who can say what bizarre and heretofore unheard of effects that cosmic energy might bring? After all. It’s been over 100 million years since the last time the solar system was at this point in the “wave”.

    One thing is certain. As we descend into another Dark Age. Science is evil. Education and superstition are ONE. And one needs to be a seer to penetrate the bullshit gleefully rubbed into our eyes.

    WE seem to have lost the capacity for wisdom. At some point, it became important to measure intelligence by how many races our masters could get their good little mice to run. And yet wisdom, creativity, vision and good judgement have been left behind.

    I’m not saying that Alouettes don’t know what they are doing. They know FULL WELL they couldn’t hire a proper GM, for the same reason they couldn’t hire a HC last season: NOBODY qualified would be stupid enough to accept the inevitability of Calvillo inheriting this team. It IS inevitable, NOT ONLY from their actions, but from hints lifetimers like Zurkowski are constantly dropping, and from interviews I’ve heard from Wetenhall himself. No…they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    It is WE…the human race…that simply fails time and again to perceive the OBVIOUS maliciousness and self serving nature of those who presume to be above us. It is WE who refuse to understand that unless we REJECT the very concept of power and hierarchy, these drives will suffocate this species like a chick that could never peck it’s way out of an egg.

    I feel like saying…in the wake of Nov 8th…that it HAS been our undoing. But I can’t accept that.
    Still…the minor fumblings of a lesser league seem to pale in comparison. And this shit is getting crazy. Intense cosmic wave sickness is as good an explanation as any. You think they could have waited ’til all us old hippies popped off…before starting all this shit up again…

    Maybe I’ll write a book or twelve. Put them in a time capsule and pray some advanced species finds them. Another one bites the stellar dust. Sad!


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