December 2016 – An Inexhaustible Supply of Gazoo Commentary

I have to give it to old Zeke. Even though he’s blocked my comments on Twitter…and frankly who wouldn’t…I am still permitted to comment on his articles at the Gazette.

MAYBE he considers me an annoying BUT invaluable resource: making points that would mean his JOB, should he venture into the territory that is my stomping-ground. Be that as it may…the feeding frenzy of reporting on what Zurkwosky refers to as the “3-headed” monster proposed to Danny Maciocia is ignoring some KEY questions. THIS will NOT do:

When Jim Popp was let go, I KNOW I was not the only Als fan to breathe a sigh of relief. FINALLY we had seen the last of bizarre, unjustified decisions, shrouded in mystery.

So it was last off-season when it was announced that Jim Popp and Anthony Calvillo were to return to their respective positions in 2016. A move VEHEMENTLY opposed by a VAST majority of those fans. In response to the CFLdotCA’s Nov 10th 2015 poll question, “Did the Als make the right decision in keeping Jim Popp as head coach?” 71% of 2,129 responded with a resounding NO. Over at RDS, 80% of 838 “sondage” respondents felt EXACTLY the same way. And yet the decision was made, with predicted results.

Over a year later not a heck of a lot has changed in this regard. And through this latest process, the same aura of confusion and skepticism casts a “negative halo” around the Alouettes organization yet again. Several questions SCREAM for answers, while as usual, none seem to be forthcoming:

1) The Alouettes fired their GM Jim Popp. Why is it so complicated to hire a qualified GM?

2) Over the months and years it has been insinuated, by Zeke in numerous instances on TSN690 and by Bob Wetenhall in interviews, among others, that a “plan” is in place for Calvillo’s future with the organization AND that plan is for AC to take over he reigns of the team on the sidelines…in some, not-too-distant future. What this means for a prospective GM candidate, who ALREADY must “swallow” the inheritance of Jacques Chapdelaine as HC and OC, is NOT to difficult to puzzle out. So WHY has Calvillo’s name been excluded from EVERY report on the situation? Surely THIS could be a deal-breaker.

3) When he/she hears the words “Maciocia also had a group of American-based scouts who were prepared to work for him.” a loyal Alouettes fan cannot help but finally allow his/her heart to SOAR. With Maciocia’s DEEP involvement in Canadian University Football, coupled with THIS “network” south of the border…how
could we fail to find the next Johnny Rodgers or Mike Pringle? And yet Maciocia wasn’t even interviewed for a position that would put these resources to work. WHY?

4) Speaking of scouts and the resources for a GM to discover the “diamonds in the rough” that would lay the foundation for the next Alouettes Championship Team…does Kavis Reed as GM even APPROACH the level of value a GM like Maciocia or Sunderland might bring? Will Kavis Reed be ANYTHING but the disaster that was Popp/Calvillo in 2016? Jacques Chapdelaine would be MY choice for HC and OC…in fact he WAS. But will Chapdelaine’s effectiveness be hobbled by a GM who’ll be hard-pressed to find a competent water boy, let alone the football “etoiles” to lead us to CFL glory?

I apologize for the questionnaire. But Alouettes fans NEED TO KNOW. DESPITE ownership’s obvious desire to keep their plans, and the motivation BEHIND them, to themselves.


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