December 2016 – One Last 3DownNation Post?

THIS is why someone OUTSIDE of the city, outside the DAILY bump and grind of a club MOST Montrealers know, inside and out, year after year…why ANY such truth that sees the light is a PARTIAL one. AND partial truth has a nasty habit of illuminating JUST enough to see, but NOT enough to make any sense of what you see.

“And now, today: an assistant manoeuvring the political climate with ownership, Jacques Chapdelaine, is the unquestioned head coach after knocking off a 4-2 record.”

THIS contention is absurd. The ONLY thing Jacques Chapdelaine “maneuvered” was taking a pathetic, LOSING offence, run by incompetents, and turn it on it’s head…winning 4 of 6 of the final games of the season. OTHER than that….nada…zip. Oh…and he happens to speak French…sort of.

Is ownership BEHOLDEN to Chapdelaine in ANY way? No..ridiculous. But he won, and he gave this team it’s first ray of hope in over 3 seasons.

It’s TRUE that a prospective GM might balk at the insistence that his HC & OC be “pre-chosen” for him. However, considering how quickly the hammer came down on the head of Dan Hawkins, and how ruthlessly it came down on Higgins…ANY GM candidate would EASILY be soothed. If Chapdelaine messes the bed, he, the new GM would then be in the traditional position of choosing his own guy…problem duly slathered with DENIAL and put aside for the Montreal rainy season…USUALLY around week 6 or 7…or whenever the bye week rolls around.

However…there’s an exception to the alacrity of the executioner’s blade in this city: in 2016, the Poppvillo matched-set of Jim Popp and Anthony Calvillo swallowed 2/3 of the season in the Gaping Maw of their combined incompetence. Why?

Well it turns out that, just like with the Calgary Stampeders and Tom Dickenson, the Alouettes have BIG plans for their legendary quarterback, Anthony Calvillo. An incoming GM would NOT ONLY inherit the PRESENT HC and OC…but once/if he messed things up, ownership is certain to insist that Calvillo be the next man up. Just ask the Wetenhalls. It’s a LOCK. Regardless of his limitations at the position. Regardless of his unsuitability for the coaching profession in general. Regardless of the PAINFUL checkers game he brought to the chess match that is the CFL.

And for the record…this IMPEDIMENT that assures that EVERY valid, competent GM candidate refuse the GM position in Montreal…is at Bob Wetenhall’s insistence, NOT his son Andrew’s. It is the football equivalent of a “last will and testament” insisting on ONE proviso: that the “inheritor” spend the night proving his worth by sleeping in that haunted house down the street.
In other words, it’s that Scooby Doo kind of coocoo.

The Wetenhalls are NOT fooling anyone in Montreal. FORCING a GM to accept YOUR choice for Head Coach and offensive coordinator is ONE thing. Tying his hands on his successor down the road is a DEAL BREAKER.

Kavis Reed is NO GM. The Als do this and the Wetenhalls prove, once and for all, that the will of the people is NOTHING in the face of their insistence on their own pet projects. Damn winning. Damn the fans. Dammit…it’s MY team and I’ll bloody well do what I like.

BEFORE Chapdelaine was HC, there was a not-so-quiet revolution vis a vis the Alouettes in this city…if the comment sections and forums are anything to go by. Molson Stadium was a Ghost Town and the “ONE sellout” referred to was literally a GASP of relief that a professional was FINALLY at the helm of the offence, and the team. Oh yeah…and he spoke French. Woot.

Expect ANOTHER revolution as yet another incompetent is installed in a position he neither merits, NOR for which he is qualified. All so Anthony Calvillo can pay his mortgage and have a job for life.

This team is TRULY in trouble. However…a simple signing of a GM like Brock Sunderland OR Danny Maciocia would have been a HUGE 1st step in fixing our troubles. Find ANOTHER logical reason that CANNOT happen and I’ll listen. Heck…Montreal would like to KNOW.

But in the climate of secrecy that has been more destructive then well…Montreal’s climate in general (brrr)…NO such explanation is likely to be forthcoming. Given the information available at hand, and frankly FLIMSY and illogical explanations like THIS article…adding to the general confusion…and I’ll conclude by stating that the INHERITING, not of Chapdelaine in the short term, but of Calvillo in the VERY LONG…is the reason the Alouettes are teetering on the precipice, yet again, of franchise failure.


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