December 2016 – It’s Not You, It’s Me

You know what? I’m sorry. I was WRONG. It IS you. It’s DEFINITELY YOU.

As rumours continue to suggest that Kavis Reed will be given the vacant GM job* on this team…it appears a decision needs to be made on my part.

If, as I’ve pointed out in recent posts, Alouettes ownership is prepared to risk the very success of this franchise for the REMOTE possibility that Anthony Calvillo may one day successfully lead this team on the sidelines. If a LEGITIMATE GM candidate CANNOT be hired…just as a QUALIFIED Head Coach could not be hired in 2016…and for the same reasons…then what the heck is LEFT?

Getting rid of Popp was the right move. The guy oscillated between nefarious and downright EVIL. I have NO regrets for the part I played (if ANY at all) in his ultimate dismissal.

However. Whether a culture of intrigue has become a contagious disease in this organization OR ownership has ALWAYS had a hand…it appears that in this instance old man Confucius was right: the ethical center of ANY culture is determined from the top down. A rule I’ve been aware of since CEGEP…and am determined to NEVER forget again.

As a consequence, and if plans DO continue as predicted…AFTER over 50 YEARS of being an Alouettes supporter, as was my father, and grandfather before him…I may have NO choice but to remove my support from this team. At least until it is under new ownership, OR transparency and frankly SANITY is restored.

I can’t ask ANYONE to join me in this. It is OBVIOUSLY a deeply personal decision: whether to invest your emotions in supporting ANY sports team, regardless of the situation. OR whether to remove that emotional connection when it becomes OBVIOUS that those ultimately in charge have a COMPLETE lack of interest in the will of their fans…pursuing personal agendas ahead of success on the field.

However, I DO hope that Alouettes fans who remain will CONTINUE to be vigilant, speaking truth to POWER  whenever necessary. I doubt it will accomplish very much at this point…all things considered.

But regardless of my decision to recuse myself, I will NEVER be able to ENTIRELY extricate my heart from the fortunes of the Montreal Alouettes.

To ALL the GREAT Alouettes players, past and present…to my fellow Alouettes fans I say, perhaps for the last time:

Go Als Go!

Peace and Long Life

Spock Out.


*As faithful readers of this BLOG would be sure to point out…giving the GM position to Kavis Reed was originally MY idea. Come to think of it, I ALSO came up with the idea of handing the reigns of this offence over to Jacques Chapdelaine…MONTHS before the move was ACTUALLY made. The Kavis Reed thing however was MERELY a stop-gap measure, assuming Popp was removed from ALL duties mid-way through the season. I NEVER meant it to be long-term, in ANY way.

I’ve heard NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that Reed has the requisite contacts, EITHER north or south of the border, to provide this team with the talent it needs to build a Champion. The suggestion is frankly ABSURD. As is the niggling thought that ownership is reading my BLOG, and following my suggestions to the letter. Obviously absurd.

Still…NOW we hear rumours that with Maciocia REFUSING the Alouettes quirky job offer, we stand a GOOD chance of losing his long-time buddy…Noel Thorpe. This whole thing is coming unraveled SO quickly one can only MARVEL at ownership’s stubbornness, and insistence on CFL franchise-icide.


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