December 2016 – In the Murky Depths

Zeke’s put out a piece about the “3-headed monster” proposed as heading the Montreal Alouettes…with Chapdelaine remaining as Head Coach and OC, Kavis Reed as GM, and Danny Maciocia occupying some “murky” position as “director of football operations”.

No doubt it’ll go down something like this: Maciocia will keep his tenured position at U of M while working part-time for the Alouettes. OR take a year sabbatical. Maciocia’s contacts will provide (in theory) the Alouettes with talent, while Kavis Reed fulfills the rest of the duties of a GM, perhaps even doubling up as ST coordinator. All so ownership can have another year to evaluate whether plans to ascend Calvillo to eventual control of this team has ANY legitimate chance of success.

I give MY unique explanation as to why this team contorts itself into so many unlikely positions. I REALLY don’t mean to be pushing any buttons. But this dysfunctional bullshit has GOT to stop:

Let’s “unmurky” those waters then, shall we? Last season around this time we were informed that, for the sake of “continuity” in the coaching ranks, Jim Popp was remaining as the GM and Head Coach, with Anthony Calvillo also returning as offensive coordinator. The public was rightly furious. As I attempted to point out on NUMEROUS occasions, the REAL reason Popp HAD to return as HC was Calvillo’s incompetence and TOTAL lack of credibility as offensive coordinator. I was shouted down and abused, and I’m not going to go all “Copernicus” about it…but I guess I was right: No COMPETENT candidate for the head coaching job on this team would accept Calvillo as the leader of this offence. Popp therefore HAD to remain as Head Coach in order to preserve Calvillo’s unwarranted position. The results were predictably DISASTROUS.

Now…after emerging from an era where secrecy and public alienation were synonymous with this organization, we are treated to an exact replica of last season’s debacle: the hiring of an “external” candidate for GM is made IMPOSSIBLE because of ownership’s INSISTENCE on the EXACT same pet theme: Calvillo MUST have a job for life, and is fated, sooner than later, to lead NOT ONLY this offence, but the entire team…from the sidelines. REGARDLESS of his suitability for the job, OR what the decision might do to the team.

Imagine for a second that YOU are a prospective candidate for the GM job with the Alouettes. You RELUCTANTLY accept ownership’s insistence that Chapdelaine continue as before. OK fine. As long as if/when he fails, I can make changes. Er…on that subject, guess WHO’S getting the job NEXT? Can anyone imagine ANY legitimate, qualified GM candidate accepting the job where NOT ONLY the Head Coach and offensive coordinator are chosen for him, but an ENTIRE future is mapped out for a man who, as far as anyone knows at this point, has no business being on the sidelines in the 1st place?

I believe an owner has the legal right to do whatever he likes with his property. But I’ve been an Alouettes fan for 50 years. My father was an Als fan before me. My grandfather before him. This team is OURS, all of ours as much as it is ANYONES. It might be time to respect that fact, and stop playing games…off the field anyways.


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