December 2016 – The Down Side of Epiphanies

I don’t know about you. When I get an idea it SMACKS me right between the eyes…a brain storm in the corpus callosum. I have NO CONTROL over whether the thought is positive or negative. THIS is determined by the nature of the reality in question…in this case the search for the next Alouettes GM. As 3DOWN writes a report on the potential of the Alouettes considering a radical new CONTORTION to the regular administrative structure on a CFL team…I share my thought on 3DownNation:

OK…why this mess?

The Wetenhalls, from reports, are insistent that Chapdelaine remain as Head Coach and defacto offensive coordinator. Chapdelaine heading the offence is not only a GREAT idea…it’s MY great idea and anyone who wishes can investigate how and when I came up with it on my BLOG. NOT my point.

The “fly in the ointment” as far as potential GM candidates may NOT be the preservation of Chapdelaine as offensive Head Honcho, but in the “defacto” label, cleverly embedded in my previous statement.

Imagine being interviewed for the GM job, being informed that NOT ONLY must you accept Chappers as Head Coach and offensive playcaller, but you need to accept Anthony Calvillo as offensive “figurehead”, titular OC and generally the “wave of the future”…regardless of whatever vision you might hope to lay out for the club.

What was the “worst element” in the Alouettes disastrous 2016 season? Jacob Ruby and the Keystone Cops on our O-line? Toxic receivers? Young, inexperienced QB’s? NO.

The WORST decision was anointing Calvillo, a NON-coach with next to ZERO experience, as offensive coordinator. Calvillo’s playcalling and “offensive vision” was “wince worthy” with AC being out coached, out “thought” on a weekly basis…leading to one of those toxic receivers remarking the Alouettes were taking a checkers game to a chess match (to paraphrase).

And yet Bob Wetenhall’s pet project remains: Calvillo WILL become the Alouettes leader on the sidelines. Regardless of his qualifications: as a play “designer and caller”. Regardless of his natural reticence as a communicator in general. AC will eventually be our HC and OC.

If anyone is looking for an explanation of the contortions this team will go through to find their new GM…and WHY they may NEVER find an “external candidate” to fill the job…look no further than this.

PLUS que ca change…boys. Plus que ca change.


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