December 2016 – Als New GM – A 0-Horse Race?

According to Gary Lawless of TSN, Brock Sunderland is no longer under consideration by the Wetenhalls for the Alouettes’ open GM spot. At the same time, Lawless reports that Danny Maciocia has had no formal contact with the team since his one interview on the subject. It’s worth noting, however, that Lawless himself reported that Abrams was interviewed by Alouettes ownership, a report disputed by RDS’ Als insider:

Didier Ormejuste of RDS reports that Als assistant GM is out of the running, if he was EVER in it.

Didier Orméjuste @DidierRDS

Joey Abrams never met with the Wetenhalls. He is not and never was a candidate for the Alouettes GM position.

Which leads us to a couple of conclusions. The first being rather heartening for Als supporters. As Lawless himself concludes (hypothesizes? guesses?) as CFL team presidents and GMs meet Tuesday in Winnipeg (at least those teams WITH a General Manager, that is):

Matters have been complicated by ownership’s desire to retain interim head coach Jacques Chapdelaine going forward.

If true I’m glad to hear the Alouettes’ owners are sticking to their guns, despite the difficulty of finding a GM willing to accept a Head Coach ALREADY in place and somewhat LESS than TOTAL control. Lest we forget…Bob Wetenhall is SURE to insist on a coaching position for Anthony Calvillo, and a SIGNIFICANT one at that, with plans for his progression up the caching ranks. Don’t know about you…but I can see THIS being a deal breaker for any LEGITIMATE GM candidate.

As to Maciocia, Lawless has his own take:

Maciocia isn’t leaving his tenured university gig for less than full control, a hefty salary and lots of term. One has to wonder if his interview wasn’t a reverse discussion with him asking Weightman for answers rather than the other way around.

…as expected and predicted.

The second conclusion is perhaps NOT so palatable. After decades of Jim Popp obfuscating the TRUTH and playing his own private miniature game of CFL monopoly…it’s definitely time for more transparency on this team. Decisions can no longer be seen to be made behind closed doors, with the public ENTIRELY excluded from the process.

As owners, the Wetenhalls are entirely within their rights to do whatever they wish. However, they’d be remiss to ignore the damage done by the Popp regime, and would do well to open ALL processes up to a scoooge more public scrutiny. They CANNOT afford to alienate Montreal fans any further.

So where does that leave us? With the 3 candidates we know of being “paint balled” out of contention…essentially entirely DEVOID of any candidates (as far as we know). With the off season continuing it’s march towards free agency, the draft and building for next season. The Alouettes need to find the right guy, and in a decisive and timely fashion. WE cannot afford to be left behind.

Get ‘er done.


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