December 2016 – SHOOT the Messenger Part II

Yup…you guessed it. I’ve been banned from posting on RDS…again.

I’ll admit it. I’ve spent the last few seasons on a veritable CRUSADE to rid this team of Jim Popp and his minions. I will NOT apologize for my efforts in any way. AND as most Alouettes fans will attest: I was RIGHT. Only an idiot would apologize for being right. I’m sorry Popp was an ambitious, pompous megalomaniac with delusions of competence. I’m sorry Calvillo was a TOTAL washout as a coach. I’m sorry for being right.

NOW that that’s settled, let’s take a look at what IS allowed to be published in the comments section of the biggest francophone sports network in North America. NOT the 1st time this kind of trash has found it’s way onto this site…and STUCK…sometimes for months:


Yupadoodle…SPAM…pure and simple. Bloody Vikings. Gladys Sizemore. Clever.

Oh sure…my well written comment on the Alouettes’ “needs” in a GM can’t compare to the chance of making 66K working online. I get it. At least I’m not the TOOL who gave this post a thumbs-up. Or am I?

Yeah, I get it. I’ve rubbed these folks the wrong way…in EVERY possible way. And while EVERY SINGLE comment I’ve left on this site has received MORE positive thumbs than negative (with the probable exception of my “Calvillo-Rants”) those who run the site seem to take exception. Their thumbs seem to be occupied elsewhere.

I’m SURE it has NOTHING to do with the fact that MOST of the Alouettes reporters at RDS are ex-Alouettes themselves, signed by Jim Popp and led on the field by Anthony “Zombie” Calvillo.

It is inconceivable to me that ANY journalist would be so quick to CENSORSHIP. Especially considering the greatest journalists of all time cut their teeth SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

So the only question left to be asked is, “RDS…where is your head at?”

As you may well imagine, I have a thought or two on THAT…and in the spirit of the holiday season, I’ve re-written an  X-Mas classic for the occasion. Cathartic.

RDS’ Brown-Nosed Fan-Bois

RDS’ brown-nosed fan-bois
All had a very smelly nose
And if you ever whiffed them
You will know just where they goes

Zeke and other REAL reporters
Knew that Poop was very BAD
And when Jim was Als-deported
Joined us all in feeling glad

Now that I can’t post a comment
I’ll be writing here with glee
Poor little orphaned fan-bois
Spare us all your MIS-ER-Y

RDS’  Brown-Nosed Fan-Bois…BOOM


∗ me does victory pirouette ∗ brandishing middle digits in multiple salutes ∗ who needs thumbs when you still have use of your middle fingers? ∗ and other traditional, adolescent forms of disrespect ∗ see…GROUCHO said ” TOWELS” instead of “Go…and never darken my DOOR again” ∗ anachronistic but highly effective ∗ he also said he didn’t ever vote, because it only encouraged them ∗ topical, timely and an example to us all ∗


☮ & ♥


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