November 2016 – Go…and NEVER Darken My Towels Again!

Jim Popp was fired today. Alouettes President Marc Weightman will be on TSN690 in 90 minutes. More to report then:

OK. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I have to stab myself with something sharp…just to stay awake when a GM or Team President is interviewed. They can’t help it, really. 90% of their job is bullshitting people. So MOST of everything they say is bullshit.

Still. When the Alouettes Prez mentioned that the incoming GM will have a say in who will be the Alouettes Coach in 2017, I sat up on the edge of the “nail chair” I use for such occasions, and took particular notice.

“But of course he’d say that” I told myself. What do you expect him to say? “FUCK THAT. It’s Bob Wetenhall’s team and any incoming GM will take it and LIKE it.” “Like a BITCH”

Too much?

Still…that’s EXACTLY what he meant when he was asked about hiring a new GM, when a LARGE part of the responsibilities of a GM consist of choosing the RIGHT Head Coach. OF COURSE it won’t be phrased that way.

Wetenhall’s no fool. Dumping a 4-2 coach would be ill advised. One who speaks the native tongue, is BY HIMSELF enough of a draw to fill the house, who’s SPECIALITY is NOT ONLY in the one area in which this team was NOT dominant…namely offence. But who is MOST especially known for bringing along young, athletic quarterbacks…with a GREAT deal of success.

WHO could possibly be a better fit? Add to that his history in Quebec College football, most notably leading Laval’s Rouge et Or to their 1st Vanier Cup and you have some COMPELLING reasons for keeping Jacques Chapdelaine. No doubt the NEXT Alouettes GM will necessarily be someone who agrees…wholeheartedly.

Speaking of the CIS in Quebec…Danny Maciocia’s name has already been floated as Als next GM. Maciocia HAS coached in the CFL as well, and could provide the same safetynet/bootinthepants that Chapdelaine did for Anthony Calvillo this season. Hopefully with GREATER success. Who knows? If Chapdelaine doesn’t pan out Maciocia could ALWAYS pull a Jim Popp and take over mid-season. Oh…and he ALSO speaks french.

I saw an interview with Maciocia earlier in the year. While happy coaching Universite de Montreal, I got the impression he’s ready for another kick at the “professional”can. Whether he’d be content with the GM role, whether he’d be willing to have his HC dictated to him by ownership…remains to be seen.

My Wishlist to Santa Clause (OR clauses in Santa Maciocia’s Contract):

5 Golden Offensive Linemen

4 Young Talented Receivers, fresh out of college.

3  (or 4) linebackers re-signed, with a bonus. (Give your dog a bonus too, since we’re going with Groucho) Heck…BONUSES for the WHOLE DEFENCE!

2 Talented Quarterbacks in Rakeem Cato and Vernon Adams Jr.

1 Qualified Head Coach in Jacques Chapdelaine



I’m off to have a good cry. Not sure why. It’s like some great burden has been lifted…


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