November 2016 – Pointless Rule Change Suggestions

If the Alouettes win against Hamilton tomorrow, they’ll finish with the same 7-11 record as the Ticats. Put THAT in your OskaWeeWee. Hamilton finishes in 2nd place, by virtue of their having beaten the Alouettes Week 4, 31-7 and Week 13, 20-17. That’s as it should be. I guess.

What rankles a little bit is finishing with the same record as the 2nd place team in the East (assuming we do) and NOT being in the playoffs because of the crossover. I mean, either the East is sheltered from the DOMINATION of the West, or it isn’t.

So here’s my compromise: on NORMAL years, the 4th place Western crossover team is positioned in the EAST playoff structure according to it’s point total.

standingsweek20 So as things presently stand, under my new compromise Edmonton would host the East Final, and get a bye for the 1st round. This REDRESSES the ridiculous situation wherein a BETTER Western team is forced to go through 2 rounds against inferior clubs (by record) before playing for a Cup. Kind of explains why NO Western club has won a Grey Cup on the crossover up to now.

The ONLY exception to this new rule would be in seasons where the 3rd place Eastern team has an identical point total to the 2nd place team. Perhaps THEN the deciding factor would be the record between THAT team and the potential crossover: let’s see now, the Eskimos beat us 23-12, Week 8, and 40-20, Week 16. OK…so MAYBE we forget about that clause.

STILL, with every Eastern team finishing under .500, the league will be under increasing pressure to do something. And THIS would balance things out nicely…and no, NOT just because it would mean the Alouettes getting into the playoffs if they win tomorrow. Mostly. The East would need to get something out of the deal, is all. And to me it ALL somehow seems fair.

Like a gridiron safety net.


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