November 2016 – Newton’s 3rd Law of Football

MAYBE I should call it Darwin’s 1st Law – Evolve or Die. Creativity is the 1st step. But as you make your way through this league, you’ll quickly discover that EVERY action indeed has an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION.

Case in point. As the TSN announcer says, it’s not clear whether this creative option play from Adams to Logan is planned, or a thing of the moment, but it was a pretty sight to behold:

It’s interesting to see Vernon Adams’ creativity evolve, from the first “scramble option” with Giguere, to the more finished product with Logan.

Of course, the best team in the CFL is bound to do it’s “due diligence”, film study on the Alouettes yields THIS defensive gem…The defensive end reads the play as he sees Logan circling in the backfield. He knows his ONE job is to contain Adams with a quick burst to the outside. ACTION/REACTION:

Continuing this line of thought, you’d PROBABLY have Adams swing the ball out to Logan as the defensive end steps up to contain Adams. I’d put my money on Steph Logan, isolated 1-on-1 in the open field…any day.

That’s the CFL. Constantly in motion, constantly evolving. What’s a good play one week could cost you a game the next. Evolve Or DIE.

Your move, Jacques.


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