October 2016 – Alouettes in 3rd Place!

I suppose I can forgive myself. After all, the Alouettes are out of playoff contention. And as announcers never fail to point out, there’s NOTHING left to play for but PRIDE. 4 days after the Alouettes beat the Riders, I finally decided to check the standings, and saw THIS:


I know it’s not much. Still…pride dictates that if the Alouettes finish 3rd in the East, after the season this team has gone through, that’s certainly SOMETHING. THIRD is better than last. I think we can all agree on that.

So the Alouettes face Calgary and Hamilton to end the season. Argos have one game left, against Edmonton. This…in any event, can be a motivating force for the team, and young Adams Jr. Hopefully the O-line will hold and Adams will make a good showing.



UPDATE: For all those who, in looking at the standings, wish we could scrap the East/West division system altogether, I think I may have an interesting compromise to suggest:

The Eskimos presently have 16 points. The REDBLACKS have 15. Assuming this holds…wouldn’t it be FAIR to give Edmonton “crossover playoff” 1st place in the East and a bye for the 1st round…HOST the East Final? It might give Eastern owners and players that extra incentive NOT to be so pathetic and weak. By the same token, if they finish ahead of second place Hamilton but behind Ottawa in points, shouldn’t they get to HOST the East Semi-Final…?

The crossover would give a GREATER impression of fairness with this simple tweak…and I can go back to NOT feeling guilty about transfer payments and whatnot.


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