October 2016 – What Can I Say?

Sometimes you need to just lean back, put your feet up, and ENJOY the moment.



UPDATE: On the “pet-peevey” side of things just let me say this: Folks have been real quick to point out that Cato ONLY threw for 210yds. As you watch this replay, notice that 3 of the 4 TD passes were to the back of the endzone. NONE of those extra 60 yards count. Just one of those nights. The offence benefited from 5 Argos turnovers, some GREAT returns by Steph Logan, and Cato was in the redzone all night. All 3 of those touchdowns were bombs…would have raised Cato’s passing yardage to 270 or so. Too much is made of yardage…IMO. Cato lost more than one game last season where he passed for over 300 yards. I’ll take this ANY day.

BTW. Cato went 18 for 23, 210 yards passing with 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Use THIS online calculator to find Cato’s passer rating.

Passer Rating: 144.293



Just for fun I’ll give him the extra 60 yards, so 270yds passing:
Passer Rating: 155.163
Dang Calculator won’t GO any higher.
That IS fun!


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