September 2016 – Free Cato!!!

As Jacques Chapdelaine considers his options, and spends the next week-and-a-bit figuring out how NOT to blow his first chance at being Head Coach of a CFL team…

…might I offer ONE suggestion that I am CERTAIN will guarantee immediate success, and long term…well…MORE SUCCESS.

Cato is NOT a pocket passer. For one thing, it’s too early in his CFL career to sit him back in the pocket and expect him to read defences on EVERY down. For another, his ability to roll right OR left, throw on the run and make yardage with his legs SHOULD be a threat. It HASN’T BEEN. And for another a young offensive line might conceivably do better, being aggressive and blocking forward, than dropping back and passblocking EVERY down.

Opposing DC’s have been reading this CONSERVATIVE behaviour, and while they come into EVERY game expecting to be challenged by Cato’s athleticism, by the second quarter they’re just telling their front 4 to get their asses rushing forward, just as fast and hard as they can…and THERE they’ll find Cato…as if EVERYONE…offence and OPPOSING defence were on the same damned page.

Get him out on the edge. Having coached the likes of Casey Printers, Buck Pierce and Travis Lulay you have an idea how to do THAT better than anyone in this city.


Considering the injury shortened careers of Casey Printers, Buck Pierce and Travis Lulay, MAYBE adding some american-beef to the offensive line wouldn’t be a bad idea. I won’t mention bovine growth hormone if you don’t.

I KNOW this is only a stupid BLOG by an insignificant fan.

But considering I’ve been right about ALMOST everything since the Alouettes mystifyingly REFUSED to develop their backup quarterbacks under Trestman and Calvillo….maybe SOMEBODY could listen to me JUST THIS ONCE.

Beef up the line and get Cato out on the edge…AT LEAST often enough to instil doubt in pass rushers’ minds.

That’s ALL I ask.



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