NOW comes the task of retooling this offence for Rakeem Cato’s (Vernon Adams’?) skillset.

NOW comes the good sense to optimize the offensive line, perhaps bring in a body or three.

NOW comes the creativity and unpredictability this team has been lacking for almost 2 full seasons.

Chapdelaine was involved in the Casey Printers phenomenon of the middle 2000’s.

Printers ended up winning MOP in 2004, passing for 5,088 yards and 35 touchdowns, rushing for 469 yards and 9 touchdowns…leading one of the most dynamic and (for opposing defenses) terrifying attacks of the day.

So hopefully:

NOW comes Rakeem Cato…doing what he was BORN to do…attack defenses and strike fear in their hearts.

From the bottom of MY heart, THANK YOU  Bob Wetenhall.


Half a solution is often NO solution at all. Arguably, the ONLY problem with this team is it’s offence. Had it been even MEDIOCRE under Kevin Glenn…and  now under Rakeem Cato…the Alouettes would arguably be in position to take an (again) underachieving East Division.

But as Herb (among others) implied when Cato took over from Glenn…as the offence continues to stagnate eyes MUST, however reluctantly, turn to the man designing and calling the plays.

So the ultimate question becomes, what does Jacques Chapdelaine do with Anthony Calvillo? Does Calvillo continue to call plays increasingly designed by Chapdelaine himself? After all…the owner went out of his way to praise Chapdelaine’s knowledge of the “X’s and O’s” . Surely that implies Chapdelaine’s control over the offence? Is Calvillo replaced and reduced to a lesser role? More importantly, does “Coach Jock” (as Cato calls him) have the authority to make such decisions as interim head coach?

What I would LOVE to see is the Alouettes sending out invitations to the starting offence…to forsake their bye-week vacations and work on re-tooling this attack. With the FIRM implication that those who do not participate stand the chance of being left behind in this NEW…6 game season.

UPDATE: In a phone interview from Portugal, Alouettes safety Marco Brouillette could scarcely contain his enthusiasm. He seemed genuinely disappointed he was on vacation and couldn’t get back to work IMMEDIATELY. I consider THAT and Cato’s numerous calls to his receivers to put in extra work after practice, to be EXCELLENT signs for this team moving forward. 

Unfortunately Cato may be dealing with the tragedy of his friend’s death. Perhaps a chance to get some packages installed for Vernon Adams and see what the young man has learned so far.

There are  lot of questions attached to a move at this late date. But I say:

Better late than never.

UPDATE: As I peruse the thousand frenzied reports on this story…the CONSENSUS seems to  be Chapdelaine will be taking over the offence from an overwhelmed and under-qualified Anthony Calvillo. I’m not sure where these critics have been all season, but there you are. Some are even assuming Chapdelaine will be calling the plays, either directly on the sidelines or in relaying them to Calvillo by headset.

The Wetenhalls seem to have found a way to have their Calvillo and demote him too…preserving AC’s title while stripping him of duties for which…apparently EVERYONE is finally agreed…was utterly unprepared.

While I might be expected to count this as a personal victory and vindication…inasmuch as  (conservatively) 80% of this Blog is dedicated to Popp and Calvillo’s ineptitude as coaches…let me say NOW that one thing counts…AND ONLY ONE:

“Coach JOCK” gets Cato using his talents to attack defenses, as EVERYONE has expected from the START.  This offence FINALLY  shifts out of NEUTRAL…exploits it’s MANY talented players…AND GETS US INTO THE PLAYOFFS.

In a 2016 season marred by the FAILURE of bad coaching and the INEVITABLE disrespect that follows….that’ll be enough for me.



  1. I’m a Ticat fan. This is the best you could hope for. I watch most games and have for many years. I always thought that Chap could coach, but being French-Canadian held him back. It is fitting he gets his shot for the Als IF Popp n co let him run the ship. He’s a Buono guy so he needs freedom to do it his way.


  2. Absolutely agreed!
    I’d been pushing for Chapdelaine to replace Calvillo as offensive-coordinator, but expected Thorpe or Reed to take over as HC.
    The Wetenhall’s and Jim Popp have been careful to preserve Anthony’s position, allthewhile making it clear that AC is WAY out of his depth running a CFL offence. Backing Anthony’s career up a few steps, and allowing a veteran CFL coach to re-tool this offensive squad is a stroke of genius.
    Too bad they left it so late.
    Making the playoffs will be an Herculean task, 4 points behind with 6 games to go.
    But with our defence and a revamped offence…who knows?


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