September 2016 – EVERY SINGLE DOWN…

Halftime at Tim Horton’s Field. The Alouettes are leading by 1 point on Duron Carter’s Amazing punt block.

Predictably, Anthony Calvillo has glued Rakeem Cato in the pocket. EVERY SINGLE PASSING DOWN IN THE FIRST HALF. As the Ticats become aware that THIS will continue to be AC’s strategy, look for Cato to be under INCREASING pressure in the second half.

I have to admit to being ASTOUNDED  by Matt Dunigan’s silence on the matter. Calvillo has dropped Cato back into the pocket on EVERY SINGLE DOWN. Despite the obvious fact that Cato ISN’T a pocket passer to start with, the PREDICTABILITY of telegraphing to opposing rushers where to find your QB, invariably for EVERY DOWN all freakin game…

How Dunigan isn’t imploring Calvillo to get his young quarterback “out on the edge” is beyond me altogether.


Two days later I just watched Saskatchewan beat Edmonton in overtime. Why mention it on an Alouettes blog? Because if the Esks had won the game, they’d be 2 points ahead  of Toronto, poised to get into the playoffs on a crossover. So now Edmonton is still stuck at 10 points, tied with Toronto and 4 points ahead of the Alouettes.

But perhaps even MORE important was the way the Riders did it. On a VERY windy day…a day where normally accurate Mike Reilly was under 50%…the Riders attacked with a healthy dose of read options, option run and pass plays and even a couple of VERY successful quarterback draws, one to win the game in OT.

This is the creativity that’s been lacking for almost two full seasons with the Alouettes. Adjustments CAN be made in relatively short order. Toronto and Saskatchewan have PROVEN that in successive weeks. Either we address this issue, or this season FADES…yet another opportunity gone forever.



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