September 2016 – Off the Rails-w-Nostredummass Episode 3 – Cato’s Last Stand

Herb Zurkowski of the Gazette spent much of last off season INSISTING the Alouettes were attempting to shop Rakeem Cato around. Jim Popp vehemently DENIED the rumour. Now…after an altercation caused by Zeke’s insensitively asking Cato if he felt he was being bullied (what KIND of question is that to ask a professional athlete on the record?) it seems Zurkowski has become part of the feeding frenzy.

So my question is this: assuming Popp wishes to get rid of Cato, ONE thing has to be giving him night sweats. He released Chad Owens, only to see him win Special Teams Player of the Year, then MOP in successive seasons. He released Chris Rainey, and now Rainey is tearing up the league for the BC Lions.

To Jim Popp it’s SIMPLY not enough to get rid of Rakeem Cato. Popp has to find a way of destroying his reputation to preserve his own. If Cato is picked up by another CFL team, one with a LEGITIMATE offensive-coordinator, hell a legitimate offensive line, come to that, and then Cato does what Cato can DO…

You can IMAGINE what kind of crap storm will befall poor Jimmy Boy in Montreal.

If however, knowing Cato’s volatile nature, he can throw a couple RENOWN asshats like Carter and cousin Stafford at him…well he MAY get Cato to freak out…and ensure that NO TEAM IN THE CFL EVER LOOKS AT HIM AGAIN. It MAY just be a conspiracy theory. It may EVEN be WAAAAy out there. But this is Jim Popp folks.

NOTHING is impoppsible.


So these are my thoughts, 1 1/2 hours before game time.

In Anthony Calvillo’s declining years, Adrian McPherson got to start a game against the INTIMIDATING Blue Bomber team known as Swaggerville. The Alouettes offence at the time was “tooled” specifically towards Calvillo’s dropback, pocket-passer style. It became quickly OBVIOUS that NO attempt had been made by offensive-coordinator Milanovich to adapt the attack to McPherson’s athletic abilities. The results were predictably poor. McPherson was sacked 4 times in the 1st half.

According to rumours, McPherson cornered Milanovich in the dressing room and informed him he was going to do things HIS way. AD took the offence on his shoulders. It was an admittedly unsuccessful comeback…but threatened the Bombers so successfully…it led to THIS sequence of events:


Here’s the point, Rakeem. You’ve been stuck in AMBER…trapped in the same outdated, ill-fitting offence that MAY have suited Anthony Calvillo’s talents (although with 5 losses in 8 Grey Cup attempts, even THAT assertion is debatable) but DEFINITELY was a mismatch for Adrian McPherson, EVERY BIT as much as it is for YOU.

McPherson knew his strengths, went OFF SCRIPT and showed the ENTIRE football world of what he was capable.

You KNOW there are people on this team who want you to fail. Arguably, tonight’s game is one of your LAST chances to show what you’ve got. You’re NOT going to do it in the RESTRICTIVE confines of Anthony Calvillo’s offence.

So you have two choices, my talented friend: EITHER fade into the mists of time, your talent and passion LOST and wasted FOREVER. To me…THIS would be as much if not MORE of a shame than what was done to Adrian McPherson.

You either FAIL OR you grab this whole situation by the BALLS and squeeze for all your worth.

Good Luck Rakeem

I’m with you


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