September 2016 – Alouettes Sign Shane Carden

Analysis (2015 NFL Draft)

Three-year starter. Has a high football IQ and processes quickly as he scans the field. Comes from an athletic family. Has work ethic and toughness that NFL teams covet in a quarterback prospect. Leader who has shouldered a high percentage of the East Carolina offense. Works to extend plays and keeps eyes down the field. Throws with accuracy and desired ball placement. Shows understanding of his offense and is reliable in the structure.

Doesn’t generate much power from his lower body. Arm-thrower with less than desirable arm strength. Scouts believe his deep-ball accuracy will take a huge dive in the pros due to lack of downfield zip. Lacks foot quickness to escape pocket and consistently make teams pay. Has a pronounced windup. Can’t make field-side throws and margin for error on throws to the perimeter is slim.
Draft Projection

Round 7
Sources Tell Us

“He looks like he’s throwing a javelin and he is on the wrong side of where we want quarterbacks to be in terms of athleticism, arm strength and accuracy, but his intangibles are way up there. I absolutely love his competitive nature but I wish he had better traits.” — AFC national scout
Bottom Line

Lacks the desired play traits that NFL teams look for, but his production and poise on the move are undeniable and he is a very quick processor on the field. He might hear his name called on Day 3 (Rounds 4-7) of the draft and from there, it is up to Carden to show that his intangibles and intelligence can outweigh the missing traits.

Just when it appears he’s throwing Calvillo to the “wolves” to save his own ass, he picks up a QB who’s draft report could be about AC himself. “pronounced windup” “very quick processor on the field” “lacks foot quickness to escape pocket” . Dang. They could be twins!

Despite the very OBVIOUS fact that Calvillo’s lack of coaching education has LOCKED him into offensive strategies vaguely recalled from playing days gone by, Popp has persisted in signing young, dynamic, athletic quarterbacks like Rakeem Cato and Vernon Adams Jr. A mismatch I characterized as “Cato’s Skillset vs. Calvillo’s Mindset.” Predictably, the results have been less than stellar.

One might assume that Anthony Calvillo’s days are numbered as offensive-coordinator. What are we to assume then, when the signing of this Calvillo-Clone would appear to be a radical, about-face in this organization’s vision for the future?

It may FINALLY be clear that there IS NO such vision. The disconnect between the quarterback talent on this team, and the offensive strategies and those who devise them is SO CHASMIC in nature, that no other conclusion seems possible.

Whether the signing of Shane Carden is an attempt to address this obfuscatory cloud of “wa”?”…OR it is simply the perfunctory placing of a QB body in the required slot…will become obvious in due time.
Stay tuned…
Same “batty” channel.
Same “batty” team.


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