September 2016 – “Kid” Cato – New Sheriff in Town

When Cato blew up at Duron Carter last week several things were IMMEDIATELY obvious: this team is floundering without proper LEADERSHIP in the coaching ranks, and Rakeem Cato was DAMNED if THAT was going to tank his chances at a professional career. Well…it looks like the “worst teammate ever” has an ally, his cousin and fellow Alouettes receiver Kenny Stafford.

As usual at this early date, we turn to the Twitterverse for the 411:

Cato says he’s been disrespected by both Carter and Stafford

  • During the dust up, a few fans here said they heard Cato say: “That’s why we’re 3-8 and that’s why we’re gonna be 3-9”

  • Cato: “As a human, you can’t keep being pinched, pinched, pinched and not do anything. Eventually, that dog’s gonna bite”

    Finally a resolution tweet about Kenny Stafford:

    Kenny Stafford: “He’s still my starting QB. I’m behind Rakeem Cato. You see, the kid can play.”

    And THIS Twittervid of today’s proceedings:

    I’m not sure how many of you have played pickup football, or any “street” sports. In my experience, HUGE chunks of time is devoted to arguing over plays, whether somebody was fouled, or whether someone else scored. Without the presence of coaches or officials, SOME authority to calm tempers and keep everything in line THIS kind of shit is going to happen. It’s next to INEVITABLE.

    I don’t think it’s unfair to point out how UNLIKELY you are to find such unprofessional behaviour in Calgary, under John Hufnagel, or in BC under Wally Buono. Part of being a GREAT head coach is providing a framework of discipline and punishment. And the ONLY reward needed is a WINNING RECORD.

    No doubt Cato has a VERY good point…one he seems to have been making all season. It’s just a SHAME that on top of having to lead this team on the field, as a sophomore quarterback, he’s ALSO the only voice for law and order on this team.

    The message is CRYSTAL clear: IN THE ABSENCE of a strong hand at the tiller, THIS team is sinking FAST.

    UPDATE :3:40AM next morning

    So I’ve FINALLY pieced together what happened. Apparently Carter was NOT happy when Glenn was sent packing. According to him, KG was one of the reasons he signed with Montreal. After last game, Carter apparently questions Cato’s ability to lead the offence.

    Fortunately I speak egomaniac. What Carter is ACTUALLY questioning is whether Cato will put the ball up for him to make all those pretty catches…which is WHY he ran to Jim Popp during the game and started WHINING. Well truth be known, I don’t blame him for wanting the ball more. I wanted the Alouettes to throw the ball a HELL of a lot more last game…especially down 3 touchdowns in the 1st quarter.

    But whether Carter has the same blind spot as a LOT of Montrealers have…or he’s BLINDED by someone’s reputation (or he’s too much of a coward to confront the man responsible) but JUST as he went to the WRONG man on the sidelines, he’s blaming the WRONG guy in the offence.

    Look…I GET being reluctant to put your young quarterback in a position to throw interceptions. Too many mistakes and you could set him back for weeks…if not longer. But it was Calvillo who seemed reluctant to put the ball up for much of the game…and Duron Carter knows it. My guess is he’s simply a bully…and is picking on Cato because he’s the target that’s LEAST likely to have teeth when he bites back.

    Well I hope Cato’s reaction taught Carter a lesson. Because if this continues, one of them is going to have to go. And I don’t trust this team to make the right decision.


    UPDATE#2 According to Eric Leblanc of RDS, THIS is what Carter and Stafford said that upset Rakeem Cato:

    “Cato a été insulté par des commentaires sur son éducation et son enfance dans un milieu très défavorisé.”

    Cato felt insulted by comments about his education and his childhood growing up in the slums (Liberty City, Florida).

    Stafford and Carter are cousins, rich kids who grew up spoiled, in relative luxury and comfort.

    Here’s Wikipedia’s take on Carter’s personality:

    “…once Carter was eligible for the NFL Draft in 2014 his quarterback (Cayden Cochran) tweeted the following:

    ‘The team that drafts Duron Carter will get the most lazy, whiny & non-work ethic player the nfl has ever seen. I played w/him. Horrible person & will be a complete cancer to any team on the board.'”

    Cato has a degree in business management. Carter had academic eligibility issues his WHOLE academic career, sitting out the ENTIRE 2011 season without playing a down. He’s HARDLY one to talk about anyone’s education.

    FINAL UPDATE: I’ll let my old buddy Matthieu Proulx, RDS reporter and ex-Alouettes free safety have the last word, off a video interview on RDS:
    “There was what happened against Ottawa at the start of the season…he was openly criticized by the organization. There are questions about whether he’s serious in his game preparation and about his attitude in general.

    If I was in Rakeem Cato’s skin…we don’t know EXACTLY what’s going on…I have the feeling I’d react the same way. Eventually, as the guy continues to lack respect…the organization seems unable to control Duron Carter so Rakeem Cato decided to take things into his own hands.”


2 thoughts on “September 2016 – “Kid” Cato – New Sheriff in Town

  1. In the absence of a strong hand at the tiller, this team has run aground. Popp tried to splice the main brace problems early in house by fining nik lewis twice for his tweets, i get the privacy thing, what happens in the dressing room , stays there, but i am sure nik tried that route first. 2 weeks in a row, Cato is fighting with his receivers , and Popp who is not coaching next year, already stopped coaching this yr. “quit and stayed”. ( a term for peeps moving on in the future), won’t apparently address the mutiny.

    AC won’t be the head coach soon or ever but in the interim , Popp step down now, I suggest move Kavis Reed to HC, Noel Thorpe OC and DC.

    I want to see what Vernon Adams Jr can do, The coach at Eastern Washington (Beau Baldwin) has developed a lot of quarterbacks with good pedigree — (2005 Walter Payton Award winner) Erik Meyer, Mike Reilly (at Central Washington), Matt Nichols, Bo Levi Mitchell, now Adams.” => …football scouts have reported that adams is “meh” in practises but in games better than reilly and bo levi

    get loud als fans, you deserve to be heard, finest regards CflFan


  2. Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade (only parade we’ll have THIS season in Mtl) but according to reports, in an interview on TSN690 Popp claimed he NEVER said he wouldn’t return as Head Coach in 2017.
    It was ALL rumours and hearsay.

    *sound of Alouettes NATION choking on bile

    BTW-I BEGGED 3DownNation for months to hire someone to cover the Montreal Alouettes.
    They gave me Joey Alfieri.
    I have NO more to say on the matter.


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