September 2016 – Alouettes Trade Kevin Glenn…

…for a 4th round draft pick.

The man who only last week (was it ONLY last week?) was referred to as “our best chance for winning” has been let go for a song…and not a very good one AT THAT.

Ostensibly…Glenn was brought in to provide offensive-coordinator Anthony Calvillo with a quarterback who’s skillset roughly matches his own. A “security blanket” for a coach barely wet behind the ears.

I certainly can’t have been the ONLY one (OTHER than opposing defensive-coordinators, that is) who figured Calvillo, who’s had next to NO experience in the coaching profession, and who’s experience as a quarterback was limited to those strategies designed for him, and him alone…would have a difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE time bringing ANYTHING else to the table. And he HAS.

Even so…Calvillo’s remembrances of glorious football strategies gone by have seemed more and MORE like an opium induced nightmare…spiralling out of control.

Predictably (yes…you CAN find this prediction somewhere on this Blog) it’s time for Jim Popp to throw AC to the wolves…and hope NOBODY notices this MESS is all his doing:

If the players are reluctant to criticize the coaches, it certainly sounded like Popp was admonishing offensive co-ordinator Anthony Calvillo for not calling enough vertical plays, creating mismatches for the Als’ taller receivers against smaller defensive backs.

“We have to be better. We have to go vertical,” he said. “We have players who can go get the football and go high. We have to build off that. These receivers can go get the ball and Cato can throw the football. As we’re moving forward, we need to start doing more of that. We have to try different things offensively. If we’re not scoring a lot of points, we have to try something.”

One MIGHT suggest AC can HARDLY attempt anything vertical as long as the offensive line is so porous that his quarterback has ZERO time in the pocket. However…by the time Carter was taking his shitfit, the Lions (predictably with a big lead) had backed off into a comfortable zone, and Cato had SIGNIFICANTLY  more time in the pocket.

If nothing else..when Cato isn’t harassed, he should be throwing veritable LAYUPS to receivers like Carter, Cunningham, Hoffman and Stafford. All 4 have the speed to be deep threats. All four are over 6’3″. What the fuck is Calvillo waiting for?!?

When he’s had time, Cato’s been accurate and efficient. The KEY…now that Glenn is gone and the job is Cato’s to lose, is to give Cato time to execute the offence.

Will someone PLEASE  send AC the game tape of how Milanovich and the Argos employed LeFevour, in their win over the Ticats. In the 1st quarter ALONE, the Argos used more zone reads, options, rolls and EVEN a quarterback draw or two. MORE utilization of LeFevour’s athletic talents than the Alouettes have employed with Cato over the LAST TWO SEASONS.


When I’m feeling generous of spirit, I tell myself Calvillo hasn’t really had that much time to add these kind of plays into his playbook. Then I realize the Argos put all of THIS together with Dan LeFevour in WHAT…2 weeks? He signed a practise roster contract a little over a month ago…how much could he have practised while Ray was the starter?

I was literally CRYING over the criminal misuse of Cato’s talents…watching LeFevour and Collaros duke it out…may the most creative system win.

Cato was visibly upset numerous times on the team bench, as was receiver Duron Carter. At one point, Nik Lewis attempted to talk to Carter, who paid no attention, instead walking away and shouting at Popp. This team has been dogged by a lack of discipline all season.

While Herb and others may label Cato and Carter’s sideline protests as yet another “discipline problem”…you WANT your players to be passionate about WINNING. If your COACH is the single element, through his bumbling ineptitude, that’s preventing your team from winning…WHAT’S A COMPETITIVE GUY TO DO?

The BEST solution for a lack of respect shown to the coaches…is to give your players a coach they can respect. It may WELL not be his fault. But at some point Anthony Calvillo’s going to have to come to terms with the fact that he’s NOT an offensive-coordinator. Apparently his players have.

AC’s no OC. Not yet anyway. And…as I hope we’ve ALL learned, SOME things can’t be DECREED into being…they must be decided over time. And TIME will not be cheated.

Not by Quinoa

Not by Calvillo

UPDATE: Sept.12th 2016

While INITIALLY I’ll admit I agreed with one RDS fan/commentator when he said, “Here comes the garage sale!” Upon reflection, Kevin Glenn’s dismissal portends something quite a bit more SINISTER.

As previously mentioned, Popp has begun to target Anthony Calvillo for his play selection, and the fact that the Alouettes aren’t scoring enough points. He’s simply not mentioning that it was Popp himself who pushed Calvillo into accepting the OC position, essentially justifying Popp’s remaining as head coach. That’s MY theory anyway.

Now that EVERYONE knows Calvillo’s not ready to be offensive-coordinator, Popp has seen an opportunity: in an interview on TSN690, Popp has apparently vehemently denied reports he intends to quit ANY of his jobs, titles, holdings and fiefdoms with the Alouettes.

The Glenvillo experiment is a BUST…and it’s time for POPP to deflect blame and hang on by his toenails. As I predicted when I first imagined this EXACT scenario, near the end of last season, it remains to be seen whether Alouettes faithful will permit Anthony Calvillo to be thrown under the team bus.

If you’re looking for a reason WHY I was banned, WHEN I was banned…THAT perspective would certainly cause Jim Popp a smidge of disconsternation. Maybe someone WHO CARES will quote OR paraphrase me…on occasion.

As a parting shot, Glenn posted THIS comment on Twitter:

What do you do when someone lies on you? 9:35 AM – 12 Sep 2016


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