September 2016 – Montreal Alouettes For Sale!

While there is STILL no mention of it on RDS, The Gazette, OR TSN, it looks like Alouettes owner Bob Wetenhall has had enough.

I HAD reported this yesterday, as Mitch Melnick made the announcement on his TSN690 radio broadcast…but unable to confirm the news, I pulled the story after a couple of hours.

But a brief fishing expedition in the “Twitterverse” netted me THIS:

According to colleague Rejean Tremblay a group of Montreal entrepreneurs led by of want to buy the

This would be a breath of fresh air. Bob Wetenhall has been a good owner. No doubt. But the Alouettes are sliding fast on MTL sports scene.

A new local ownership group would understand who ideal coach should be for ALS, work closer w/ QC amateur football & reconnect w/community.

There u have it. Colleague says is not part of a group that wants 2 buy

Tony Marinaro added,

So there you have it. The Montreal Alouettes are up for sale.

More on this story as it breaks…


UPDATE (September 9th, 2016): While I’ve NOT been able to track down ANY mention of Wetenhall selling the Alouettes, on ANY CFL news outlet, anywhere…it was announced today that Jim Popp will NOT be returning as Head Coach of the Alouettes next season.

THIS suddenly removes what may arguably be a MAJOR impediment to the selling of this franchise. I can imagine offensive-coordinator Calvillo’s fortune’s now ride with Rakeem Cato. It remains to be seen if the Alouettes can be even REMOTELY attractive to prospective owners with the current coaching hierarchy in place. an article entitled “We’re Not For Sale,” Alouettes Owner Robert Wetenhall Says, the Alouettes owner VEHEMENTLY denies the “For Sale” rumours swirling around this team.

And so, it probably should come as no surprise there has been talk swirling for several weeks concerning the potential sale of the franchise. Wetenhall vehemently denied the speculation in a recent text message. But where there’s smoke, it’s often followed by fire. The fire, in this case, provided by the possibility potential suitors are kicking the tires. And that prompted Wetenhall responding by telephone.

“People do that every year. There’s always somebody coming around with an idea. Nobody’s especially kicking the tires — because there ain’t anything to kick. We’re not for sale,” Wetenhall claimed. “Nobody has bowled me over with an offer. I don’t think anybody will. We’re losing quite a bit of money.”

I couldn’t possibly think of a sole person on this planet who would be possibly interested at this time,” in purchasing the Als, said a league source who has been involved at the ownership level in the past.

So if like me, you’re not sure WHAT to think…then WELCOME to the WONDERFUL  world of Alouettes fandom. OR as a fellow Als enthusiast succinctly put it:



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