September 2016 – Who Ya Gonna Call? Popp Busters!

When you losin’ all the time
And your team’s no good
Who ya gonna call?
Popp* Busters!

When your home team stinks
Up the neighbourhood
Who ya gonna call?
Popp Busters!



You gotta laugh.




The Alouettes have a problem. Normally, the guy who fires incompetent coaches is the General Manager. Where that runs into complications is when the GM and the head coach are the same person. It gets EVEN more complicated when GM Jim Popp convinced owner Bob Wetenhall to allow him to take the reigns as head coach, in order to further Anthony Calvillo’s transition into the coaching profession.

Calvillo’s near TOTAL lack of experience precluded Popp’s hiring ANY other head coaching candidate. Taking a head coaching job is tricky. You might have ONE shot at the big chair…in your ENTIRE coaching career. Just ask our own Kavis Reed…who bombastically led the Eskimos into some pretty BAD seasons, and is now coaching special teams on the MOST dysfunctional team in the league. Yep…it’d be a hard sell to convince ANYONE to take the risk by saddling them with a NOVICE offensive-coordinator.

So Popp can’t be fired without AT LEAST demoting AC to a lesser coaching position, and Calvillo can’t be fired…OR EVEN DEMOTED…because AC’s POSITION is Popp’s SOLE justification for being HC in the first place.

If you check the ONLY definition in this Blog’s Lexicon, THAT is the meaning of “stability” or “continuity” in the coaching ranks: Popp is HC so AC can be OC….SEE? In other words…STABILITY means ZERO accountability for the coaching staff. REGARDLESS of the success or failure of this team…OR THIS FRANCHISE. Anyone STILL wondering about the lack of discipline on the field?

NO ACCOUNTABILITY for coaches=NO AUTHORITY to make players accountable…PERIOD. So what we NEED is change…as Nik Lewis so cryptically asserts:

C’mon Nik…TELL US WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE…man. We really HAVE to know. Perhaps we can use logic to worm it out of him. He’s gone on record stating it’s NOT Kevin Glenn’s fault…not REALLY. And he claims in this interview that he’s supporting his teammates, so I assume that means THEY are not the problem. It CERTAINLY isn’t the defence, or DC Noel Thorpe. Kavis Reed’s ST unit has come together since Bede stopped kicking them into trouble.

So what, or rather WHO does that leave? Well…any IDIOT could see the offence sucks on this team. And it isn’t the quarterback (not really…) OR the rest of the players…GIMME a hint Nik. Does it start with  “Calv” and end with an “illo”? NO?

I guess that only leaves us with ONE culprit: the CHEERLEADERS. Popp-Tarts HAVE to go.


WHO will save us from these underachieving leaders of cheer? I know I’m getting MORE depressed, week-by-week. Seriously.


(Fait du bruit. Make some noiiiiise!)





Basically what it feels like to be an Alouettes fan lately:




*What I really meant is Poppvillo Busters…but it lacks the zzzip.


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