September 2016 – Rank Hath Its Privileges

OK. I admit it. I’m a Trekkie. As a kid I was entranced by Science Fiction. Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke. Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a semi-utopian “federation” of planets…without our obsession with money and power, egalitarian and free…or so I thought. I’ll admit I don’t remember it striking me at the time (it was 50 years ago, after all)…but THIS clip strongly suggests SOME members of the United Federation of Planets are more privileged than others:

Still a kid at heart, I remain a die-hard egalitarian. So despite my love of Spock, Kirk, Bones and the crew of the Enterprise, part of me cringes as Bones sticks his tongue out with class-lust: the bone-tickling knowledge that you’re better off than your fellow human. It disgusts me…frankly. And as the Alouettes have proven, there’s more than one definition of the word “rank”.


A couple days ago I had a “set to” with a few folks over at “Herb’s Place” (the comment section at the Montreal Gazette). Some goof was impressed with Calvillo throwing another hissy fit, and declared that AC was showing the qualities needed to make him a GREAT Head Coach. I set him straight, and was bombarded with another shitstorm of bruised Calvillo puppy-love hearts. I was insulted, accused by apparent MORONS of “not knowing anything about football” and there was some obscure comment about my not making a sound until the next holiday…whatever THAT can possibly mean.

Years ago, when I was WARNING folks ON A DAILY BASIS of the perils of NOT giving our backup quarterbacks sufficient time to develop, I was subjected to the EXACT same insanity. Apparently, ANYTHING criticizing Anthony Calvillo ALWAYS will raise the “pitchfork and torches” ire  of a certain segment of this city’s population.

THIS fact, above all others, I think explains Herb Zurkowski’s BULLSHIT puff pieces, endorsing the party line, Kevin Glenn’s HELLISH record so far in Montreal, and the Poppvillo agenda in toto.

But even Herb (sarcastically…I think/hope/pray) alludes to “the day when AC becomes Head Coach”…as if it is a “fait accomplie”. No matter that under Calvillo as OC the Alouettes are now 5-13 (or that Charlie Taaffe had won 25 GAMES before he lost his 13th). No matter that AC hasn’t shown the SLIGHTEST talent as a coach, and from all reports (from Herb AND others), Calvillo is stubborn, intractable…and has just declared that things will now be done “My way or the HIGHWAY”. The EXACT same expression my Dad used to intimidate me as a teenager.

NONE of this matters because Anthony Calvillo is fated to become Head Coach of this team…ASSUMING he doesn’t run this franchise into it’s 3rd (and FINAL?) FAILURE before he gets there.

The inevitability of the thing can’t help reminding one of how construction contracts are handed out in this province. I feel (on a daily basis) like a guy who keeps handing in the best bid, ONLY to have the job handed over to the guy’s second cousin, on his mother’s side. Corruption is so endemic in this culture…we don’t even notice it anymore.

Well I’m sorry. Calvillo is a LOUSY offensive-coordinator. After 18 games (a full season, if hyphenated) we can CERTAINLY make THAT determination.

So NOW we’re stuck with a MEDIOCRE quarterback…WHO MUST be in there because he’s the ONLY QB Calvillo is comfortable with…a WORSE offensive-coordinator who’s there because fate, the GODS or our ineffable bunny love has WILLED it so…and a HORRENDOUS head coach who’s there because NO SANE HEAD COACH would put up with this LUNACY.

I’ve NEVER put this wish to “paper” before this…because my ARDENT love for the Alouettes makes it a painful…if necessary sentiment BUT:  I SINCERELY HOPE THE ALOUETTES LOSE TONIGHT, AND AS LONG AS IT TAKES TO RID OURSELVES OF THE PARASITES WHO HAVE TAKEN HOLD OF THIS TEAM.

Who can blame me for HATING everyone concerned, for forcing me to choose against my OWN team, IF only for the BEST of reasons.

“Dammit Jim. I’m a fan, not a turncoat!”


BTW-Als win and they’re in a virtual tie for 2nd, 1 point out of 1st.


4 thoughts on “September 2016 – Rank Hath Its Privileges

  1. Sounds like the Als like the way things are, expecting some evolution and fate to step in a change things, on the west side, Regina is building a new airport, Chris Jones has new players flying in so often on the hour. Oh great Khalif Mitchell is back, CFL league is gonna follow his twitter,,,, racist comment in 10, 9, 8, secs ….., tc my friend, CFL


    1. ‘The Als” I would hope includes the supporters of this team…to whatever extent they care. For whatever reason, a certain segment of this city is all googoogaga about Anthony Calvillo. THIS makes it next-to-impossible to criticize the man, regardless of his failings as an OC.
      It’s worth remembering that Higgins and Schonert BOTH were GONE last year…under eerily similar circumstances, and after WEEKS of BLINDING HOT criticism (if I had known who was going to replace them…I woulda shut up…MY BAD)

      My distaste for AC (as a quarterback) stems from a time when he was 1-5 in his Grey Cup appearances, just prior to the arrival of Marc Trestman. A perpetually WEAK East division assured Calvillo and the Alouettes of a 1st place finish, year after year. But when AC met a REAL team, with a REAL defence…he invariably crumbled, and the Alouettes LOST.

      Fast forward to the present, and the nightmare continues. The pocket-passer philosophy that has RULED this team for two decades is SO entrenched, NOBODY seems aware of it. With Calvillo setting it into stone tablets, we are LOCKED into playing Glenn as quarterback, simply because our OC is stuck in amber, spouting an offensive philosophy that NOT ONLY has seen it’s day (see Ricky Ray), BUT is ENTIRELY inappropriate to the talents of our young, talented, athletic quarterbacks.

      THIS situation is NOT lost on the players,trust me. When Nik Lewis refers to the changes that HAVE to come, and he INSISTS this is NOT Kevin Glenn’s fault, he can ONLY MEAN ONE THING: Anthony Calvillo must go.

      So…if the fans aren’t happy, and the players aren’t happy, the only Als who like” the way things are:


      1. I watched Nik Lewis tsn interview, clearly he is frustrated, he wanted the ball more, idk if that would of translated to a win but I love his passion for the game, which can lift a team. I truly hope he doesn’t get another team fine for speaking out. Glenn is throwing more interceptions, I believe he’s fatigued, he’s a solid back up qb. period. Time for Noel Thorpe to step in as HC. Give it go Als, why not. Wally Buono has been in this league for a billions yrs and he still has the creativity and discipline to see what works and doesn’t work, ie, ” He yanked jennings and put in lulay” . speaks volumes doesn’t it. Reverbs through the team, but it was against the stamps, they still lost but the point was made. Wally wants to win. Lions imo, are not going to be a walk over team, i think they can challenge the eskies and win the semi -final, although, that benevides eskies d is starting to gel.

        Hey, Als Ownership, time to dump Popp. That might be the best for the team and the man.


  2. Wally’s lifetime coaching record is 260-141
    Hufnagel’s is 102-41
    Marc Trestman’s Montreal Alouettes’ record: 59-31
    Charlie Taaffe Alouettes’ coaching record: 25-13
    Marv Levy’s Alouettes’ coaching record; 43-31
    Don Matthews Alouettes’ coaching record: 58-28 (lifetime in CFL: 231-133)

    You show me a great team, and I’ll show you a GREAT coach. It doesn’t ALWAYS work in reverse: sometimes a great coach will be stuck with a TRULY lousy team…as was Taaffe in Hamilton after his stint with the Als.
    But show me a TRULY pathetic team, and I find some REALLY bad coaches in there somewhere.

    As proof:

    So far Calvillo’s record as offensive coordinator: 5-14
    Jim Popp’s coaching record: 21-32





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