August 2016 – Mr. Mediocre


Here’s a game for you. Which of these LOSING records belongs to which of the following Alouettes? Anthony Calvillo, Kevin Glenn, Jim Popp.

One of the practices I HIGHLY recommend to fellow CFL-ites is simple enough: tune in to opposing teams’ radio broadcasts pre-game.
CJOB – Winnipeg Blue Bombers Radio

I’d spent a good few hours trying to dig up Kevin Glenn’s lifetime win/loss record. It seems you can find just about ANY QB stat you like…but win/loss ain’t an easy one to dig up. So it was quite by chance that I heard Kevin Glenn’s win/loss record. I started this post BEFORE the Alouettes’ loss to the Bombers, AND before Glenn’s 4 interception performance.*

When Winnipeg broadcasters started on the “Good Glenn, Bad Glenn” rag, claiming that Winnipeg fans know more than ANYONE how inconsistent Glenn is…I couldn’t help thinking Ticats fans might have an argument…and Alouettes fans are finally getting the taste they should have expected in the 1st place. Because ANYONE who thought that after last week’s CAREER performance the Alouettes and Kevin Glenn were back on track needs some SERIOUS electroshock. SERIOUS. I mean get Nicholson off that table and crank up the DIALS!

Glenn is in Montreal for ONE reason: to MINIMIZE Anthony Calvillo’s exposure as an incompetent offensive-coordinator.

To be fair, when he’s on his game, Glenn is as good as Calvillo himself. Unfortunately…the ONLY consistency to Glenn’s game IS INCONSISTENCY. Glenn’s PERFECT .500 record going into last night’s game is a testament to the man, a legacy of mediocrity for the “quarterback who wouldn’t leave” (ahhhhhhh!!!). But THAT has become the subject of my dissertation, oh my children. IS IT TIME FOR KEVIN GLENN TO LEAVE?

Let’s look at last night. It’s becoming INCREASINGLY obvious that the beginnings of Alouettes’ offensive games are scripted beforehand. This is nothing new. Trestman scripted the first 1 or 2 drives of the game…and I imagine THIS is how they sold the idea to AC.

Jacques Chapdelaine’s influence on the offence has been dramatic. Glenn on a roll, shovel passes and a generous sprinkling of sweeps and receiver running plays…it ALL makes for some creative stuff. At least for the 1st quarter or so, the Alouettes offence is creative and unpredictable, keeping defenses off balance and scrambling.

Then at some point everything reverts to a generic, pocket passing, predictable GLUMP…bad, Bad and BAD!!! And it CERTAINLY doesn’t help if Glenn is having a bad day. It’s NOT as if Glenn’s going to create ANYTHING that will compensate for the sudden BLACK HOLE that was the imagination and creativity in this attack. GLUMP.

The defence was magnificent. Held Winnipeg to field goals, DESPITE the Bombers starting on the Alouettes side of center for their 1st 4 drives…kept them out of the endzone until the VERY end.

But it’s fair to say that this Glenvillo experiment is nearing some kind of resolution. THIS team will tear itself apart from the STRESS of one unit carrying ALL THE WEIGHT.

There is an unspoken truth to this team: Rakeem Cato is as ready as Trevor Harris, Jonathon Jennings OR any other starting quarterback in this league. What was true last season is just as true today: IT IS ANTHONY CALVILLO WHO IS INCAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING MORE THAN SQUANDERING A RESOURCE LIKE RAKEEM CATO.

This truth was JUST as obvious when Cato was screaming at Calvillo on the sidelines last season, as it was last night when Calvillo’s playbook took over AFTER the scripts were done. As a playcaller and designer, Calvillo is a dullard. His lack of imagination is matched ONLY by his apparent NEGLIGENT unconcern with keeping his quarterback on his feet. Calvillo is consistently outcoached by his counterpart on the other sideline, and the resulting IMBALANCE between a DOMINANT defensive squad and a frankly PATHETIC offensive unit is TEARING this team apart.

Hate to say it, brothers and sisters:
Perennial losers lead this team. They need to be replaced.


*To be honest, I can’t REALLY claim to have predicted anything…if Glenn HAD repeated last week’s 5 TD game I would have gleefully trashed this thing. Predictably…that didn’t happen.


One thought on “August 2016 – Mr. Mediocre

  1. Luc Genest said (pilfered from RDS as response to different but related comment)
    @little big chief Excellent commentaire au sujet du OC des Als. Je me souviens de l’époque ou Don Matthews laissait Calvillo appeler ses propres jeux. Ce fut désastreux. Il avait Mike Pringle comme demi et ne lui remettait le ballon que 6 ou 7 fois par match. Quand Taaffe est arrivé comme OC puis Head coach, il a retiré ce pouvoir à AC. Pringle avait le ballon presque 20 fois par match. On connaît le dossier de Taaffe comme Coach*. AC appele presqu’uniquement des passes et quand tu est 3ieme esssais et une verge, merde**…tu call pas une course à partir du shotgun. En fait, je donnerais les rênes de l’offensive à Chapdelaine. Et le head coach à Thorpe. Et le pink slip à Popp. Comme coach et comme DG. Quels joueurs, autres que les free agents, a-t-il découvert depuis 2 ou 3 ans? Il a un All-star OL qu’il garde sur le banc et ca Oline est une passoire. Temps de passer à autre chose.

    *With Taaffe at the helm, the Alouettes had a combined 25–14 record, including an appearance in the 2000 Grey Cup (and 2 East Division Championships-ed). For his efforts in 1999 and 2000, Taaffe won the Annis Stukus Trophy as the CFL’s Coach of the Year, making him only the second Montreal coach to win the award (Marv Levy being the first in 1974) and the first coach in CFL history to earn the honor in each of his first two seasons.
    While in Montreal, Taaffe’s offenses put up some impressive numbers. In 2000, the Alouettes broke the CFL’s all-time record for points in a regular season as they posted 594. Taaffe helped quarterback Anthony Calvillo to a 112.9 passer rating in 2000. Running back Mike Pringle also excelled in Taaffe’s system, rushing for a league-best 1,656 yards in 1999.

    **Restored the expletive the poster was either uncomfortable expressing, or DID and it was deleted.


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