August 2016 – Hey Hey HEY!

So the question before Alouettes Nation is whether this TEAM, with their 42-19 SHELLACKING of 1st place Ottawa, have FINALLY achieved some kind of legitimacy. True to form, Jim Popp has cast his vote: SIGN FAT ALBERT.

Tuesday Alouettes fans were greeted with THIS headline on RDS, the French CFL network:
“Un centre-arrière de 410 livres avec les Als “(Als sign a 410 pound fullback)

Ironically or not, the NEXT RDS article is about Thick NIK Lewis, the Alouettes’ already established freak of nature and human wrecking ball. It seems that BIG is in. So why not GET BIGGER?

To be fair, McGowan seems like a GREAT kid. And if the Alouettes use his 410lb frame to shore up the offensive line, and occasionally use him in the fullback/tightend role I’m all for it. He appears to have great hands. It’ll CERTAINLY add a new element to that dump pass to Beaulieu (fullback) Calvillo’s been fond of lately.

But deep down inside, Jim Popp suspects the Alouettes destruction of Ottawa was little more than a fluke…a convergence of unlikely events. What we need NOW is some William “Refrigerator” Perry kind of distraction. Now…I LOVED the “Fridge”. I especially loved how he drove Mike Ditka CRAZY. It’s fair to say the Chicago Bears were MY NFL TEAM…mainly because of Perry. But I was young, and didn’t know any better.

Don’t be sad, dear readers. It’s NOT that I’ve lost that sense of wonder…that youthful attraction to the bizarre and magical. MAYBE I’ve been beaten down by YEARS of pathetic-to-mediocre football. OR maybe I’ve been soured by YEARS of bullshit signings, from Troy Smith* to Chad Johnson to Vaughn Martin.

I ACTUALLY thought Popp would bring some CRUCIAL element to this team with the cap space freed up by Martin’s release: a NEW quarterback, fresh out of NCAA glory…OR a GREAT kicker to give us a 20yd advantage in field position, out of EVERY exchange. Maybe another STAR receiver, to replace the fallen SJ Green…or a LEGITIMATE starting offensive lineman. I guess I’m getting old after all. I WANT US TO WIN!

So Jim Popp offers up THIS distraction, and he LOVES to play tackle. Let’s hope he won’t JUST be a freakish sideshow and he can REALLY help the team. I’ll settle for him sitting on ANYONE who has bad intentions towards little Rakem Cato.

Still…my gut tells me it’s simply MORE Jim Popp cynical BULLSHIT**



*I actually went to Smith’s 1st practise, BROKE the story that Smith was a BULLSHIT signing because the Alouettes had him floating around practise doing NOTHING. The team needed to put him on an accelerated learning curve if he was to contribute…ESPECIALLY with Calvillo’s game falling into the BOG.  Mysteriously, a week after the Smith signing, with Calvillo’s record a miserable 2-5, he’s “injured” by  Ricky Foley and ultimately retires. I REALLY need to see those concussion reports before I believe AC DIDN’T just quit when he realised his career was done and the team was scrambling to find a replacement…


**Notice I wrote an ENTIRE  post without EVER mentioning disgraced comedian Bill Cosby…OOOPs! 


One thought on “August 2016 – Hey Hey HEY!

  1. Holy sheep sh*t, that’s a huge fullback/ tight end, McGowan is larger than ‘the fridge” at game weight 0-o, I watched perry during the bears heydays, mother of mercy!!!, same year i started cheering for the seahawks, Good Luck McGowan, your’re gonna need to be speedy fast in the cfl league


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