August 2016 – Good Glenn, Bad Burris.

I have a friend in Edmonton (assuming she ever talks to me again). For as long as  I’ve known her, she’s been a Ticats fan. Then, when Ottawa got a CFL franchise back 3 years ago, she switched to the RedBlacks. Good or Bad, she ALSO got to inherit Henry Burris, who switched allegiances at the same time she did.

NOW old Hank went OFF on the TSN crew last week, and ANY random critic in the UNIVERSE apparently. Hank was pissed at the criticism he gets on a regular basis. But as Matt Dunigan pointed out, they “pump his tires” when he’s good, criticize when he’s not.

Whether he admits it or not, Hank Burris has a consistency problem. THIS has led to criticism…and the epithet “Good Hank, Bad Hank”. No doubt these nicknames have something to do with his being miffed. Still…BAD HANK shows up with regularity, and for fans of whatever team he may inhabit at that moment, leaves carnage and devastation in his wake…and a recognizable trail of pulled hair and hurled beverages.

So I have no doubt my CFL friend has parsed what happened last night and came to the same conclusion as I have: from Ottawa’s perspective…Bad Hank was very much in evidence. Let’s go to the stats and see if she’s right:

Of the 15 drives Ottawa had under Burris on offence, 4 were killed from incomplete Burris passes, 1 from an interception, 1 Burris fumble, 4 sacks to end drives (2 for FG’s), 1 Burris run came up short and 1 pass was too short for a 1st down. So while Hanks stats for the game seem respectable enough at 1st glance…

21/31 67.7% 322 YDS 2 TDS 1 INT 58 LG

12/15 drives were KILLED (arguably) by Henry Burris himself. ANYONE watching the game KNEW one thing for a FACT: Bad Burris was in the HOUSE.


Kevin Glenn has had his OWN ax to grind over the years. According to Glenn, he’s been underrated MOST of his playing career. Considering last night’s performance, it’s HARD to disagree. Glenn had a career night last night.

GLENN, Kevin
25/30 83.3% 382 YDS 5 TDS 0 INT 67 LG

So…after a pretty miserable start to the 2016 season, Alouettes fans are faced with this question: Are the Montreal Alouettes back on track?

Considering Glenn’s performance up to this point, it’s hard to argue that yesterday’s trend will continue apace. And it’s equally unlikely the Alouettes will encounter each team’s Bad Hank equivalent going forward. But a ray of hope seems to have presented itself…perhaps.

This is Anthony Calvillo’s offence. For better or worse, (especially after last night) there’s every chance AC will be the offensive-coordinator for the Montreal Alouettes for the remainder of this season. If you’d asked me last week, I’d have said that was a disaster. If you ask me NEXT week, I may say the same thing.

But Calvillo’s playbook is opening up JUST ENOUGH to reveal a glimmer of hope: AC had Glenn rolling out (to his left…yet) on that 1st TD pass to Nik Lewis. It might have been my imagination, but I SWEAR I saw stunned looks of INCREDULITY on the faces of pass rushers, as Glenn floated out of the pocket, away from the rush. That’s NOT to say ol’ #13 DIDN’T return to old habits. Glenn was knocked around pretty good (Ottawa had 5 sacks) but the Alouettes OC did JUST ENOUGH to keep the defence guessing, and the Alouettes ahead of the game. Sweet play calling, AC.

And…although the Alouettes didn’t run the ball much (as usual)…

RUTLEY, Brandon
8 CAR 47 YDS 5.9 AVG 9 LG 0 TD


…Calvillo’s gameplan featured short passes to Rutley and Beaulieu for decent 1st down gains…and the sweep to Cunningham for a TD was (dare I say it?) INSPIRED.

So while it MAY be unlikely the Jekyll’s and Hyde’s EVER align in quite the same MAGICAL way again…THIS fool may be willing to concede…THAT whether through the assistance of Jacques Chapdelaine or no…Anthony Calvillo MAY be coming around as an offensive-coordinator.

THAT’s as far as I go…FOR NOW.


6 thoughts on “August 2016 – Good Glenn, Bad Burris.

  1. Hi Chef, glad i missed the beating the Als gave my REDBLACKS, (I went on a short vacation to Vegas and San Fran), Vegas has some idea of the cfl and San Fran is all about the Giants and nfl’s 40-whiners. What the eff happened to REDBLACKS D?? I read Trevor Harris is starting next game, pls for the love of the football gawds , make it so. Ty Burris for last yr but jeebuz he’s frickin’ rattled, glad the REDBLACKS org. are moving forward w/ Harris despite signing Burris to 2017, best wishes my friend, i had to read your post twice, well written but the AC love????, I pinched myself. Hope the shoulder’s mending well


  2. I promised myself I’d be fair to Calvillo as a coach. It HASN’T been easy. Much of what I HATED about AC as a quarterback has been forced onto this team as an unbending devotion to one COMMANDMENT: THOU SHALT DROP YOUR &^%#% QUARTERBACK STRAIGHT BACK INTO THINE POCKET…UPON EVERY DOWN.
    Man…I’d GLADLY smash that stone tablet!!!
    So you’re getting your wish: ONE Bad Hank night and it’s on to the backup. Hopefully I won’t have to wait until Cato is 30 before Glenn is OUTTA there. Last week’s Bad Glenn experience netted Cato about 1 minute at the end of a blowout LOSS.
    I think THIS BLOG post makes one thing clear: before just glancing at a stat sheet and assuming your QB had a decent game, you might want to remember there’s more to life than stats. Burris missed just about EVERY important throw in the game…many of which dropped at receiver’s feet. After he blew up at the TSN panel, it was a relief to see Bad Hank out there. Last thing the Alouettes needed was a motivated Burris on his game.
    I have every suspicion the Alouettes’ victory was a convergence of events, unlikely to be repeated.
    After all, what are the chances of encountering GOOD Glenn and BAD Burris on the same night?


    1. OH and what happened to the Ottawa D? One answer is Stephan Logan. Logan averaged 23 yards per punt return. One of the MAJOR criticisms against Trestman was his ignorance of the ST game. THAT was NEVER so apparent as on punt returns where Trestman’s favourite son Tim Maypray averaged LESS than the 5 yard restraining zone…game after game..season after season!!! Drove me MENTAL…as I’m sure you remember.
      Perhaps ONLY an established CFL’er KNOWS how important starting field position is in this game. Logan certainly makes THAT obvious, and continues to impress me, every week.
      Add a Burris fumble and INT AND Ottawa’s delightful propensity for taking DUMB penalties…
      (Alouettes) 6 – 55 TOTAL PENALTIES (NO – YARDS) (ROUGENOIR) 13 – 114
      ADD Glenn (with great field position) and his career 5TD performance…
      AND Duron Carter.
      …and there you have it.
      0 catches for Ellingson….THAT was a shocker!


  3. Burris is done as a starter qb, his age, his ego has blinded his ability, his heyday was w/ the Stamps. Blowing up against the TSN panel was evident about his mind set, frick, Ricky Ray must be seeing the horizon of retirement , same boat (pardon the pun) as Burris but Ray remaining classy, speaking of the Stamps, I’ll wager they hoist the grey cup


    1. Well Ray doesn’t have Trevor Harris breathing down his neck (any more). It was a weird situation in Ottawa, with Harris coming in to the season with the understanding he’ll be backup…no questions. These things RARELY work according to plan.
      Like with Glenn. There was a LOT of talk about letting Cato start. Now there isn’t.
      No doubt it’s Trevor Harris’ turn to stink.
      Go Bad Trevor!!!


  4. BTW…STILL haven’t made it through ONE (non Als) CFL game without turning it off in protest at the HC’s new found powers of omnipotence. The worst was when Collaros threw a pick in the endzone, and Kent Austin called a PI penalty on a guy on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ENDZONE. Allowing Coaches the right to scour the field for penalties is ONE thing…but tying the hands of the command center, FORCING them to change the fate of a game…into calling a penalty that had NO BEARING on the play…it’s cheating, it’s WRONG and it’s tainting the outcome, the standings and the legitimacy of the game itself. Matt Dunigan was very clear, as a football hall of famer, how WRONG he thought the entire process to be…and how that play was a perfect example of WHY.
    It’s about time people started standing up for the game they loved.

    FYI…THAT’s the ORIGINAL “Evil Spock” beard I cloned onto Bad Burris.
    People need to KNOW this.
    (the “Evil Glenn” beard I had nothing to do with)


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