August 2016 – Half Truths and Harlequins

So let’s get this perfectly straight: there were 2 parts to Popp’s Sunday tirade…the 1st being a threat to replace players with minimum wage rookies and whatnot, the 2nd was a personal opinion that the cut players would then have no choice but resort to “illicit activities” to make a living. The 1st was cool. The 2nd, decidedly NOT the way you talk to professional MEN…many of whom support wives, children and relatives.

For some reason, not ONE sports outlet other than RDS would report the 2nd half of what apparently said. In the words of Herb Zurkowski, “when I hear the same story from 5 or 6 players, I think I KNOW what was said.” And yet Herb goes on to admit that both he and the Gazette’s sports editor decided to KILL the 2nd half of the story…NO explanation. Well the explanation went something like, “I have to work with the guy…on a daily basis.” Like I said, NO EXPLANATION.

So you can imagine the frickin’ STROKE that began building in my little brain, as TSN commentators started praising Popp for his noble efforts to rally the troops. Armed with only HALF the story, and a Pierre Elliot Trudeau induced COMPREHENSIVE understanding of the written French language, who can blame TSN for getting the story SO FUCKING WRONG?

I would NEVER imply that Herb drinks, EVEN after he’d publicly admitted that Canada sucks, because Americans REALLY know how to pour a man-sized drink…DAMMIT! But Herb displays all the charming character traits of a beloved uncle…who manages to clear the room like CLOCKWORK at ANY family function. Such a precious resource is NOT to be under-appreciated.

And so it was that Herb would NOT be outdone:

And so it’s back to the drawing board for a head coach who, it appears, would make a better GM — and for offensive-coordinator Anthony Calvillo who, it also appears, ascended to that position prematurely.

Thank you Herb. You occasionally make life a little more tolerable.

Does THIS mean you won’t have to work with Jim Popp on a daily basis MUCH longer? Nudge nudge. Wink wink. Say some more.

Post Scriptum: I HUMBLY offer this BLOG…this body of work…as IRREFUTABLE PROOF THAT I SCOOPED YOU ON THIS STORY BY A BIT LESS THAN ONE YEAR. If YOU had been doing your damned JOB all this time, instead of leaving it to an idiot like me, maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Ride dem doagies!



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