August 2016 – Don’t Flatter Yourself

But it’s the points left out on the field that the Edmonton Eskimos will be thinking about following a 23-12 victory over the Montreal Alouettes in front of 26,061 at Commonwealth Stadium on Thursday. Against a better team, the 15 points denied off of three would-be touchdowns and a missed conversion kick would have been more costly than they were against an Alouettes squad that fell to 2-5.

-Edmonton Journal

An eirey silence has fallen over the CFL reporting community in Montreal this Friday. After all…the Alouettes went into last night’s game with rumours swirling around their heads: Jim Popp has lost the room AND I guess we’ll see how the players react. It was Davis Sanchez, doing colour  for TSN690, who insisted that once you step on the field, all the rumours and innuendo fall away and you simply PLAY FOOTBALL. That much was obvious from last night’s game.

Going into the game, Anthony Calvillo declared the way to victory was a “reduced playbook”.  Well…the Alouettes offence NOW consists of a few LONG passes to Carter and Cunningham, some aborted “possession passes” to Nik Lewis…and NOTHING else. As a result, while Edmonton spent the 1st quarter driving the ball down the field, the Alouettes offence possessed the rock for approximately 3 MINUTES…to Edmonton’s 12 . WOW!!!

And while the Alouettes managed to force 3 Eskimos fumbles, each of which a potential touchdown, their GREATEST defensive play MAY have come when Jim Popp made a blanket “pass interference” call on an Eskimos touchdown, and a cut block was discovered some 20 yards shallower, and 30 yards into the middle of the field from where the play actually took place.

Look…the INSANITY of allowing coaches to call penalties is LAUGHABLE enough. Permitting a coach to say, “Hey, there was PI on that play SOMEWHERE…I’m sure of it”…and then have the video review people scour EVERY camera angle until they find one…well that’s the only word that applies…INSANITY!!! I almost turned it off at that point. And it was MY TEAM that kept the game close through that ONE cheat. It’s still a cheat and it’s ruining the game.

So you have the Eskimos BLOWING 3 touchdowns on fumbles, And Poop pulling a (darker than usual) yellow flag out of his ass. THAT makes 28 points assuming converted touchdowns. OR 51-12. And THAT’s not counting the increasing Maasian mismanagement of a talent like Mike Reilly (despite a spate of quick-release passes. NOT enough Maasy)…AND the fact that the Eskimos allowed Glenn to sit in the pocket ALL NIGHT, with little to NO pressure.

The Eskimos did EVERYTHING humanly possible to lose that game. AND we STILL lost 23-12. Sure…Kevin Glenn threw 2 picks to seal the deal. STILL…it’s the COMPLETE lack of a effective playbook, an OFFENSIVE predictability that borders on the psychotic that’s destroying this team.

And NOT ONE PERSON will question Anthony Calvillo and his abilities as offensive coordinator. In fact, Moffat and the TSN690 crew continue to refer to the time “WHEN” Anthony Calvillo becomes Head Coach, pointing to Jason Maas’ insanely rapid ascension. Good or HORRIBLE…it appears we have NO CHOICE in the matter.

To misquote my dear old Dad: Calvillo brought the Alouettes back into this world…HE can DAMN WELL take them OUT. Apparently we’re all OK with that.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Alouettes win another game this season.



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