August 2016 – Doing it Right

It could be said that this blog is about HOW to lose, and what to do if you want EVERYTHING to turn out VERY wrong. It’s hardly my fault. Give me a GOOD Alouettes team, and I’ll write about what makes them so.

So it might seem a little bit weird to compare a 2-5 Alouettes team to a 1-5 RoughRiders team…and call the whole mess: Doing it Right. After all…Chris Jones and the Riders were just fined for having an entire PLATOON of extra players, hidden in accommodations around Regina, practising with these usurpers, and paying them ‘off the cap’. That’s a week after Jones was fined for fudging the Canadian ratio on the field.

One could argue that Jones is pushing the limits of what’s acceptable, to gain a competitive edge and hurry along the rebuild of the Saskatchewan RoughRiders. And I’m sure that’s how the fans look at it.

But it’s the management of newly acquired pivot, Brandon Bridge that has me scratching my head, both in admiration for Jones and his plans, and in befuddlement at how the Alouettes NEVER seem to get this kind of thing DONE.

So this is the deal: Bridge will lead the Riders on the field in the wildcat formation previously run by Jordan Lynch with the Eskimos. THIS will give Bridge INVALUABLE playing time, and gradually ease him into the arduous task of learning to read defences…and becoming a COMPLETE package as a quarterback.

COULD the Alouettes have done something similar with Bridge? COULD the Als DO something similar with Cato and/or Adams Jr.?

Sure they could, if they had an offensive coordinator who knew the 1st thing about the Wildcat Offence.

When Kent Austin introduced the Wildcat to the Montreal Alouettes, it confused our defence and allowed the Cats to win 27-24.

Listed at five-foot-10, 221 pounds, Masoli is built a lot like a running back and he showed the skills carrying the football to go along with his sturdy frame. He rushed 10 times for 61 yards to lead the Ticats in rushing on the day.

Masoli’s success on the ground helped open up space for another Hamilton rookie.

Brandon Banks recorded his first two CFL touchdowns in epic fashion. With Hamilton down 23-10 in the fourth quarter, Banks ripped off a 45-yard scoring run out of the wildcat package.

“Masoli carried the ball a lot and that sucked the defence towards him. After we had been pounding it with Masoli at quarterback and my number was called, all I had to do was outrun one guy,” Banks said.

-3Down Nation 


Meanwhile OUR backups sit twiddling their thumbs…VERY much as did Adrian McPherson for five BRUTAL seasons. Just IMAGINE what McPherson could have done in the Wildcat, spelling Calvillo for a couple series as AC’s career wound to an ignoble end.

Because, as I said before, the #1 dictate of the quarterback world HAS to be: THOU SHALT GIVE YOUR BACKUPS TIME ON THE FIELD. Ignore it at your own risk. And for FUCK’S sake…use some creativity in sheltering your young QB from his own inadequacies. NOBODY doubts he’s NOT ready to sit in the pocket an distribute the ball. FLOODING the media with this fact ONLY points to your own feeble abilities as coach.

As I peruse reader’s commentaries here and there (mostly there), I’m starting to see references to the 2 failed CFL franchises in Montreal’s past AND the sad demise of the Montreal Expos. I’m not entirely happy to find the city catching up to the DIRE warnings I was SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS, 5 years ago.

The upside is that I’m no longer “too controversial” to post comments at the Gazette or RDS. The downside is that IT’S TOO FUCKING LATE.



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