August 2016 – Off the Rails-w-Nostredummass Episode 2 – The Sound of One Shoe Dropping

Canadian pivot Brandon Bridge has been flown in by the Saskatchewan Roughriders for a workout on Monday, per CFL sources.

It’s said that ONLY a true egotist will quote himself. So here goes, from “Off the Rails…Episode 1”:

“IF Bridge AND/OR Cato end up in Regina…I’ll KNOW I read the tea leafs correctly.”

Come down to it, it doesn’t matter what dirty dealings and secret deals were involved…REALLY glad you’re getting another look. GO get ’em, Brandon!!!

Update August 11th 2016: 3 days after Monday’s “workout”, Bridge is on Saskatchewan’s active roster, pulling a full paycheck…presumably. What Chris Jones is doing, or how much of the offence Bridge can POSSIBLY have absorbed, EVEN to run the short yardage team, is beyond me. But Bridge is already better off than the OBLIVION Popp had planned for his a$$.


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