August 2016 – The Minions of Silence

Here…I’ve got a game for everyone. Do a search for the word “Calvillo” (no quotes) in this page, just to prime your search thingy. Very technical.

Then check out these RDS articles and search for Calvillo. I can wait…

(Blame To Go Around)

(Several Critiques of Jim Popp)

(The Same Ghosts Haunt the Alouettes)


On a team whose offence ranks LAST in most categories, CRIPPLES it’s defence with short, ineffectual drives and LOW time of possessions stats…the ONE MAN solely responsible for the unit is NOT MENTIONED ONCE in three consecutive articles!?! (BARELY mentioned in literally HUNDREDS of comments either)


That’s one fuck of a blindspot.

In VERY similar circumstances last year, offensive coordinator  Turk (Cuddles) Schonert seemed to be on the hot seat from week one. You can bet your booties EVERY article in RDS or the Gazette mentioned Schonert  as often as necessary.

Because let’s face it…if you’re attempting to determine WHY your offence is HellaBAD it’s NECESSARY to start with the man who’s MOST RESPONSIBLE: that would be the offensive coordinator.

THAT would be Anthony Calvillo.


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