August 2016 – Ex post facto play-by-play

So this is what’s sure to have happened:

It was heartening to see Chapdelaine-inspired plays sprinkled into the lourde Calvillo playbook. I can’t say that I remember much about Chapdelaine’s style and propensities as a playcaller/designer. But from what I saw tonight, I’m sure I’d like to see more.

Off the top of my head, a little roll out for Kevin Glenn, some nifty running plays stretching the field horizontally and more plays that simply stood out…inventive, filled with misdirection and zip. Unfortunately…not ALL plays are going to pan out…and while I don’t remember Chapdelaine much, you can BET Wally Buono and the Lions DO. Some plays die on the vine.

Unfortunately, as rumours would have it, Anthony Calvillo is hostile to MY idea of someone…frankly ANYONE…adding plays to “spice up” his playbook. He’s reportedly been hostile and unreceptive to Chapdelaine, but has been forced by Popp to accept his input.

So picture a guy who’s feeling threatened by an actual, trained CFL coach…who KNOWS he himself has no business running a Dunkin Donuts, let ALONE a CFL offence…coiled and ready to pounce on the very FIRST evidence that a Chapdelaine play…and therefore EVERY Chapdelaine play…is pee pee caca. Argumentum ad popp-ulum…to be technical.

In the words of the immortal Joker, “Never rub another man’s rhubarb.” 

I’ll let THAT serve as the highlight reel for this game. HELL…why not the whole DAMNED season?

So we have an INSTANTANEOUS and calamitous return to the same WORN, TIRED and OUTDATED pocket passer garbage this team’s been saddled with for FIVE GREY CUP LOSSES and over 150 years. Would you believe 75?

Glenn is NAILED like our Savior of the Pocket…and then NAILED by every roman…erm lineman with mean in his heart and a one way ticket to SACKVILLO.

Well…Buono didn’t repeat Jones’ mistake of NOT pressuring Glenn. The second it was clear that Calvillo was calling HIS game…BC went on the offensive…defensively. Add EXHAUSTING, precise and surgical drives of over 6 minutes…to kill our defence and take advantage of an offensive offence…and THERE you have it.

Game Set and Match






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