August 2016 – Calvaire de Coach ________

Here’s a simple football question for you. Why don’t you play along?

So…your team consistently goes into halftime tied, a bit ahead or behind. Unfortunately, by the end of the game, your team is frequently DOWN by 20-30 points. Given THOSE TWO facts alone, what can you deduce about your team?

Right…someone HIGH in your coaching hierarchy STINKS…pure and simple.

Teams confront each other armed with bad intentions and good assumptions. They have HOURS of film on their opposition, and their unenviable task is to predict what is trend, what is feint, and what will be adapted or changed to throw you off. A smart team will guess at the other teams’ film study, and set traps based on the deductions THEY make about their opponents deductions. And ’round it goes.

By half time you’ve a pretty good idea what your opponent is doing. Every unit under every coordinator plans counter strategies to neutralize their opposition and take advantage of perceived weaknesses…normally under the wise and watchful guidance of their Head Coach. Assuming your team is fortunate enough to have one…

Great coaches win the game at halftime. Poor coaches lose it.

I invite you to guess where the Alouettes coaching weaknesses lie…

PS. Traditionally…crappy coaches blame the offensive line. GOOD coaches use whatever weaknesses exist and strategize around them. Just saying…


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