August 2016 – Farewell Air Canada

I HAD intended to write a tribute to Brandon Bridge. As the league’s FIRST African-Canadian quarterback, endowed with MAJOR skills, he’ll be knocking his head on 2 glass ceilings for the foreseeable future. I sincerely wish Brandon the best. I hope his experiences with Jim Popp and the dysfunctional family that IS the Montreal Alouettes won’t sour his ambitions or cloud his judgement.

In any case, someone has beaten me to it:

I have known Brandon Bridge since he was a senior at Mississauga’s St. Marcellinus high school in 2009 when we both attended the McMaster University Marauders high school football camp.

I grew up a relatively short, un-athletic, pocket dwelling Quarterback competing for playing time against Eastern Ontario quarterbacks of similar skill sets. When I met Bridge at that McMaster camp I realized the game had changed.

Brandon Bridge was a unicorn then as he is now. He was my wake up call to what a realistic threat to break down the national quarterback barrier in the Canadian Football League looked like. A sentiment clearly echoed by the Montreal Alouettes when they drafted the 6-foot-5, 230-pound quarterback 31st overall in 2015.

In his article, Flight Path: Where will Air Canada Land Next, writer Marshall Ferguson explores  Bridge’s options in the CFL…Team by Team. He makes some GREAT points, including insinuating that Popp’s “development” of Bridge was more of a “media maneuver” than a legitimate attempt to develop Bridge in the CFL. Sound familiar?

Be that as it may, HERE’S a link to the article at


GREAT job Mr. Fergusen!





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