July 2016 – RDS Post!

I wouldn’t trust ANY group that would have someone like ME as a member.

You KNOW your team is in trouble when MAIN media outlets like RDS and the Montreal Gazette REVERSE a lifetime ban and suddenly allow a lunatic like me to (once again) post on their site. My Gazoo post from a week back is STILL up. I even managed to post another comment a couple of days ago. How CRAZY is THAT!?

Heck…I might hit THE Alouettes forum next. That would put the fear of Bog in those fuckers.

Whether it’s due to a SUDDEN epiphany…that I’ve been RIGHT all along and my voice just NEEDS to be heard…or some kind of digital “statute of limitations”, I can’t say. But I won’t let this renaissance slip without getting in a shot or two. Let them shut me down again. Perhaps “the dictates from on high” that shut me down in the 1st place don’t hold the weight they once did…

My French is appalling. While I can speak and read the language fluently…I was educated in English, so that my excuse. I won’t translate. It’s the same old crap I always write. Hey…if the TRUTH bears repeating…I’m just the OBNOXIOUS tool to do it.


Screenshot - 16-07-28 - 09:24:23 AM


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