July 2016 – Yet Another 3DownNation Post

They say those who will not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them. But the past is CONSTANTLY being rewritten…sometimes SPECIFICALLY to avoid adhering to this cosmically universal truism. As a result, ANYONE who attempts to reverse this process, re-establish the integrity of the timeline (so to speak) is faced with the unenviable task of paddling upstream…against a seemingly ENDLESS stream of BULLSHIT.

So as tiresome as the process needs must be…SOMEBODY’S got to do it. Here’s the latest window into “my”Alouettes’ Parallel Universe.

Milanovich was a minor participant in the dismantlement of Adrian McPherson’s career.

Marc Trestman NEEDED to be the “quarterback whisperer” who turned Anthony Calvillo from a fading star with a horrific 1/6 Grey Cup record to gridiron football’s all time leading passer. Apparently AC was fine with the idea.

What WASN’T fine was the COMPLETE neglect of the quarterback succession on the Alouettes…and we’ve been paying the price ever since.

However…the ONE guy who paid the HIGHEST price for the overarching ambition of these two men, and the GM who enabled them, was quarterback Adrian McPherson.

To ANYONE who doubts McPherson’s abilities, I invite you to watch him DESTROY the Hamilton Ticats in 2010 at Ivor Wynne…something AC himself rarely ever managed to do:

Whether you believe McPherson was the heir apparent to Calvillo or not, NO BACKUP was EVER given the opportunity to develop and see the field while Calvillo was on the team.

The Argos announced the re-signing of Adrian McPherson a few days ago. Assuming the rumours are false, and Trestman and crew were NOT carrying out hidden directives from the NFL to blacklist McPherson, Milanovich could do worse than hurrying AD along and seeing what he’s got.

While I HATE the Argonauts with a roiling passion…I’d very much like to see Adrian McPherson FINALLY get his shot…and prove once and for all if he can fulfill the GREAT promise we’ve anticipated from this wonderful athlete and talent.

Furthermore, karma would suggest that Milanovich himself has a promise to fulfill: to give Adrian McPherson the chance he’s waited for his ENTIRE CFL career…a chance he’s MORE than deserved. That’s all he’s ever asked for…


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