July 2016 – Nucular Perdiction

The nuculus (erm…nucleus) of ANY offence is it’s front line. When your quarterbacks are sacked 8 times in one game, the blame game usually separates itself into 2 camps: 1) blame the oline 2) blame the quarterback.

One certainly cannot expect a sophomore CFL quarterback like Cato to read the field as well as Kevin Glenn. One would HOPE that after 15 seasons…Glenn will go through his progressions quickly and distribute the ball efficiently. THAT’s the theory…anyway.

But leaving aside the vexed question of using Cato’s legs as a weapon, and to keep ahead of the rush, it seemed fairly obvious that the Ticats were on Cato BEFORE he made his FIRST read. Cato’s wanderings against the Ticat defence weren’t a FAILING of the young quarterback…they were the ONE THING Cato could do to prevent being CRUSHED and otherwise maimed, pummeled and assaulted. And without his talent for escape, that’s EXACTLY what would have happened.

So the question becomes: if the pocket protection problems last week were ENTIRELY the result of a weak offensive line, and NOT because of an inexperienced and skittish young quarterback, HOW will Kevin Glenn last the night against the Argonauts?

The Argos AREN’T the Ticats. Toronto has 10 sacks to Hamilton’s 20, with one less game played. Unfortunately, the game in question was/is against Montreal.

It is NOT inconceivable that the intersection of Calvillo’s simplistic dropback offence AND Glenn’s immobility will find the Toronto Argonauts TIED or surpassing the Ticats in sacks by the end of the evening. AGAIN…that’s assuming Glenn survives at all..

Unless I miss my guess…Popp will need to STOP this foolishness and find himself a legitimate left tackle…to start. If he has to bring in an American at the position, then so be it.

If we’re going to be forced fed a diet of BORING, dropback pocket passing for the forseeable future…the LEAST we can expect is a decent offensive line.

Assuming we actually HAVE a GM to get it DONE.



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