July 2016 – Cody Hoffman Back With Alouettes

In the midst of all the hoopla: Nik Lewis being fined, NOT for the content of what he said (the team is SHIT) but for the heavy sprinkling of “fuck’s” and whatnot…Kevin Glenn back under center (HUZZAH)…and Jim Popp being offensively defensive, or defensively offensive AND everyone SNICKER because he doesn’t know SHIT about EITHER…

…in the MIDST of all that I say is a little tidbit that might have gone unnoticed:

Note — Receiver Cody Hoffman, who failed his medical and was released at the start of training camp, was put through a workout by the Als on Thursday. He approached the team recently, saying he had recovered and was ready to resume his career.

Two things: 1) This is GOOD news. If Hoffman is back and in game shape the Alouettes have another 6’4″ weapon to begin to mitigate the losses of SJ Green and Kenny Stafford. La Jumpe Balle, SVP!!! 2) GlennvilloPopp are a lucky son of a bunch. Like Carter and Stafford, Hoffman is just falling into Jim Popp’s lap.

Hopefully Kevin Glenn and the Calvillo offence can take advantage and get things rolling FINALLY.

The margin for error is getting smaller by the week…and with 3 “weeks” in 11 days starting with the Argos on Monday, the ax could be falling sooner than anyone expects.


2 thoughts on “July 2016 – Cody Hoffman Back With Alouettes

  1. You keep on swinging! I have a sick feeling it’s going to get WORSE before it gets any better. Once they have computers analyzing EVERY play…calling 15 legitimate infractions/down MAYBE the league will realize “perfection” in penalty calling falls under the heading of “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!!”


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